Saturday, March 8, 2014

Three Dogs Full

Today we were invited to go for a walk with our neighbors and their dogs.
Bob and Carrita and their dog Mariner, Joan and dog Scruffy, and us with Daffy
enjoyed a walk along the trails in beautiful Shevlin Park.

Jim and Daffy, Bob and Mariner
Jim, Joan behind Carrita, and Bob
Scruffy, Mariner, and Daffy
The covered bridge in the park was used in the movie Homeward Bound! (thanks Joan for that info)
Joan, Scruffy, Mariner, Bob, Jim and Daffy
Scruffy rolling in the snow, while Mariner had a drink from the creek
Scruffy and Daffy (Scruffy lives next door and is pals with tsk!)
Such cuteness!
  We are lucky to have such kind and welcoming neighbors here in Bend. 
Let's have a group walk again soon.


  1. I am over the moon to see how well Daffy has transitioned! She deserves all the happiness in the world and it's so obvious she is getting that.

    TSK is a lucky sibling! :-)

  2. Such a nice day. Glad daffy is making new fwends. Thanks fur sharing wif us, Dana. xx

  3. We are over the moon with you Holly. Who woulda thunk in a million years? Something to be said for all the pawsitive energy being put out into the world for this new beginning for Daffy, tsk & new Mum & Daddy Moody!

  4. Love this it's making our heart feel so good