Friday, February 28, 2014

Two Daffy Days!

 So much has happened in the last couple of days... hard to believe Daffy has only been here 2 days!
Daffy is a STAR!
Of course, we all already knew that....
Our local paper, The Bulletin, came and did an interview with us after hearing about #4Legs4Daffy from @AustinSchnauzer while it was happening. 
Please see the link below

And our dear friend @ChatteMuse made this lovely and touching video, you must see it!

It's the Ingrid Trinka Room! @wildboutbirds and Ingrid loved playing and HB's mama had this room made in her honor!

Daffy is doing really good on her walks!

Let's play!!

Daffy posing with her article!

Our first official family portrait

Jim and the kids...

Daffy playing with Mr Bear...squeak!

Daffy and tsk are doing great together!

There was kisses!!

Daffy was sleeping on Ingrid's bathrobe...tsk wanted in on the action...

Daffy modeling her new harness and collar

I think she likes us....
I hope Ingrid is smiling.... I think she is...
I think Ingrid would be tickled that her sweet little dog was in the paper!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ingrid and Daffy - Part 2

 Part 2 of Daffy's Journey
(if you haven't read Part 1, please scroll to prior post)

Ingrid's service was on February 24th in Great Bend, KS
Paige (@BlessedBeagle) was able to attend since she drove from CO to KS on Sunday.
Also three other twitter friends of Ingrid's were coming from out of town and out of state too!
The moms of @VincentRocket, @RemydogIG and @FrankieTheIG (Lori, Stacy, and Heather) were all in attendance
The anipal community is so thankful that these 4 lovely ladies could attend. They brought with them the love of us all for Ingrid.
Thank you.

The lovely Lily from @Samsonsmama3

Lori, Stacy, and Heather- they met for the first time but have been friends for years!

At the vet picking up Daffy, before Paige drives back to CO

#4Legs4Daffy begins Monday Feb 24. Leg 1- Paige drives Daffy from Great Bend KS to Denver CO
Daffy did great in the car, loves Sarah and Paige!
Leg 2 - Tuesday Feb 25
Daffy is met by Phi and Sadie's parents in CO to be driven through WY to UT
to meet up with Leg 3
(at the same time we are driving from Bend OR to Twin Falls ID).

Daffy with Phi's parents for Leg 2, she loved them!
Leg 2.1 handoff in SLC Utah with Heather (@BaileyTheDane)

Daffy got to spend the night in SLC and had fun with Bailey and Heather!
Leg 3- Wednesday Feb 25, Heather drives Daffy from SLC UT to out Burley ID
to meet us for the final leg.

She's here!! And she is just adorable!
Leg 4 (final leg - Burley to Bend) Wednesday Feb 26, we drive Daffy to her new forever home with us.

Daffy is a great little traveler, snuggled in Ingrid's bathrobe....And she likes to help drive!

We made it to Oregon! Welcome to your new State, Daffy!
TSK and Daffy meet..I think this is going to work out just fine, like we knew it would!

Daffy slept soundly through the night and awoke with a wag of her tail and kisses for us.
Daffy sure doesn't travel lightly!
Daffy's Beautiful Passport made by Phi and her mom!

So after 1538 miles over 3 days across 6 states Daffy's journey is complete.
She will start her new life here with us, though she keeps Ingrid in her heart always. As we all do.

We can't thank the members of our transport team enough! You made what would have been a long trip for us much more manageable. Thank you Phi for getting this going!

@SmartScaryKitty made a Storify of the #4Legs4Daffy tweets. And I hear we even trended on Twitter!!  You can read it here 
A special thanks to #TheAviators who did fly-overs to ensure safe travels for us all, and helped spread the word of Daffy's journey. And to the #BBOT and the #PA who rode along.

Thank you to everyone who supported the transport team these last few days. You have been great!
Ingrid can rest easy with a smile on her face and joy in her heart for sure.
Thank you

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ingrid and Daffy

Many scoff at Social Media.... 
but I know how powerful it can be. 
You see, I am a part of a community, a family, on twitter.
We are a group of folks that have a common thread that binds us.
Our love of animals.
I am a member of the Anipal Community.
In that community there are people that tweet as themselves (like I do), and people that tweet as their pet (dog, cat, fish, bird, etc) and even their stuffed animals.
And it was in that community that I met Ingrid. She tweeted as her dog Daffy.
Daffy is fun, and smart, and a #StormChaser, even though she has her own #FraidyCloset
She and her mom live in Kansas, in the house that her parents had lived in for many years.
Ingrid had a difficult life these past few years, suffering from various ailments and was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. 
A couple of years ago Ingrid wanted to make sure Daffy would be cared for after she was no longer able to.
I became that person. I promised her I would give Daffy a forever home when the time came.
That time came February 18th. Ingrid passed away peacefully while in the hospital.
She was my friend, I loved her and I will miss her.

Ingrid throughout the years. (bottom right pix taken by Paige when she visited)

Some of our friends have written posts about Ingrid, and I will share a couple here. They are lovely and I hope you read them. 
 Janeson Keely @janeson59 Here and Thomas @puppynumber7 Here
@MariodaCat Here

In keeping my promise, we are bringing Daffy home to us in Oregon.
Jim and I were going to drive from here to Great Bend KS to get her.
And then....the power of the anipal community stepped up.
Pals offering to help drive Daffy from KS to OR!
If that isn't the most generous and caring thing, I don't know what is.
And really, as I think of it it shouldn't surprise me. The anipal community is one of the most caring group of pals. Helping friends when they need it, raising funds for shelters with 'pawties', and being a great group of friends.
So on Monday Daffy will leave KS and over the next few days make her way here. 
Daffy has been staying with Ingrid's dear friend Lori. Lori has known Ingrid for many years and were very close. Lori has been instrumental in helping us arrange Daffy's pick up in KS.
I know Lori is missing her dear friend, Ingrid, and will miss sweet Daffy as well. But knows that Daffy will be ok and Ingrid is watching over us all. Thank you Lori, for everything.
Lori and Daffy


The route to being Daffy to OR, photo courtesy of @ChatteMuse
The wonderful friends that are helping with the transport

If you are on twitter, follow the hashtag #4Legs4Daffy to take the adventure with her!
Beautiful image from @Chattemuse

Funeral Home guest book 
Stay tuned for part 2 when Daffy arrives here.
Thank you Paige, Heidi, and Heather. Have a safe drive everyone!

Please join @MadLabM for Ingrid's Global Memorial March

Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Critters

Winter has finally come to Central Oregon after a few hits and misses.
Here are some photos taken this past week.
Hope you enjoy them

California Quail

Mourning Doves

Snowy Deer

'Can I come inside please?'

A few of the deer herd that come by almost daily

Dove in the Juniper


Big Boy Buck

tsk venturing out after the driveway was shoveled and dry

Dead end.... tsk doesn't like to walk in the snow.

Jim and the bottom of our long driveway

Whew! Finally got it shoveled!

The boys having a cuddle

tsk in his Casbah in front of the heater vent.

watching the squirrel ....wants to be 'friends' !

Finally the court was plowed and we were able to get out for a ski,

Don't forget today is the start of the Great Backyard Bird Count!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.