Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Boy and his Dog...

Well, ok...maybe it's more like a man, his bike and our dog...

Someday we want to take Daffy with us on our mountain bikes. But first we needed to see how Daffy would do near a moving bike.
We knew for sure that Ingrid hadn't ridden a bike around Daffy but wasn't sure what experience she might have had at the farm where she lived before finding Ingrid.
So we loaded the bike and Daffy in the car and off to Skyline Forest we drove.
The gate at the fireroad is still closed so we knew there would be no car traffic. Not any bike traffic either as far as that goes!
Naturally, Daffy did great!
We started off on the fire road, first with Jim walking his bike and I had Daffy on a long leash letting her walk where she wanted. She wasn't afraid of the bike at all. 
We took her off her leash and Jim rode on the road slowly. Daffy stayed right there with him.

Ears up and away we go...faster this time.

Such a good girl Daffy!

'Let's go again!!'

Next we tried the mountain bike trail. A narrower singletrack trail that has twists and turns.
Again, she did great!

Daffy leading the way!

Such a sweet and smart girl!


  1. So sweet! I'm so happy for my pal!

  2. Scribe gets teary-eyed, but they're happy tears that Ingrid made such a good, wise decision years ago. Look how sweet Daffy has bonded with Jim and you and tsk. What a wonderful blessing for everyone who loved Ingrid and loves you and Daffy to see her so comfortable and well-loved in her new furever home. Daffy, you're not a fraidy-cat, you're a well-adjusted #PinkPup! Bless you, Dana and Jim.

  3. I never had any doubts about her but I am beyond thrilled how she has acclimated.

    I really love the way things turned out for Daffy.

  4. Happy tears!!! Ingrid must surely be smiling down! Daffy has fit right in with you, Jim & Tsk. Thank you, Dana! 💓

  5. Easy to see Daffy is LOVING LIFE! And we love seeing her loving life.

  6. Hooray! Once again, she just adapts perfectly! Daffy is amazing, it's true, and you both are doing everything so patiently to help her with her new adventures. This kind of story is why they invented the phrase "Match made in heaven"! HUGS

  7. I love seeing all these new adventures Daffy is having!

  8. It is so good to see Daffy doing so well, and happy. :)

  9. I can't tell you how happy I am to see Daffy having such an adventure! Love Dolly

  10. Wow! Who knew dat Daffy wuz so "sporty!"