Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sporty Daffy

We took Daffy out on the mtn bike trails at Skyline Forest again, this time with both of us on our bikes. Riding slowly along the fire roads. Daffy stayed right with us, and if she had to sniff something she quickly caught up with us. 
Then we tried the singletrack trails. On these trails she never veered off from the trail. And she stayed between us, looking over her shoulder making sure the second rider was still there. She did great!
We are slowly building up her endurance and stamina.

A couple videos of Daffy out on the mtn bike trails


Like any good athlete Daffy makes sure she stretches before a workout.
She is practicing her Doga....



...and stretcccchhhhhhh....and holllldddddd.....

And after a good ride what better way to relax than on the couch with the family
It would appear TSK has commandeered Daffy's bed for a Daffy is in TSK's bed..


  1. OMD, Daffy juss seems ta know zackly wut ta do! Dis bwings happy tears to momz eyez. ❤❤❤

  2. You have made her so Happy !!! ♥️Thank You ♥️

  3. This just makes M and I so happy to see Daffy doing well and happy, and that she's fitting into your home so well. Bless you again for taking her.

  4. Tsk is evening the playing field!. Daffy slept inTsk's bed when she first joined the family. Now Tsk is sleeping in Daffy's bed. He doesn't even mind the beautiful raspberry color. Lol

  5. What a wonderful ongoing story. We look forward to every new post telling us of all Daffy's new adventures. If a day goes by without a post, we have been re-reading the previous ones because all this just keeps making us smile. Love the Doga! HUGGIES & SMOOCHIES

  6. This story is a gift that keeps giving...she looks wonderful so healthy and happy and no wonder. What a wonderful life she has with you, I know Ingrid is smiling. Happy happy family... Go Daffy Pixie 💛😸xxx

  7. Me & Mom love to see da pics of Daffy and all her new adventures! Fanks for sending dem and keeps dem coming! *happy ears* xo