Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cat Cubes!

TSK got a box in the mail today!!!
A box inside a box....
A way cool Cat Cube!

 First Daffy and TSK had to check out the parcel...

 TSK: "all seems to be in it!"

 Wow.... look at all this stuff!

"All seems to be here... Let's build it!!"

TSK: "I think this piece goes in that piece there..."

Check out website
and on Facebook My Four Cats Design
and on twitter @MyFourCats1

These cubes are awesome! What cat doesn't like a cardboard box? There are many patterns to choose from, something to match any home decor.
It was super easy to put together. The instructions are easy to read and very concise.
Even when you have feline help!

Here are some pix of TSK in his new Cat Cube tower...

I know this is going to be one of TSK favorite places to hang out.
Thanks MyFourCats for making such a great Cat Cube!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Practicing Ashtanga

So..... back in March we started Ashtanga Yoga.
With not a lot of yoga experience....ok, hardly any experience.
Bend Ashtanga Yoga was recommended to us after our
 Pilates instructor moved her classes out of town.
If you are unfamiliar with Ashtanga you can read about it HERE
(though there are tons of websites out there this seems to be an easy read)
We have been practicing for 8 months now under the tutelage of
our instructors Julie and Dayna, who are wonderful.
We are now at the point were we are doing the full Primary Series as you start off learning it slowly. Adding more asanas in to your practice as time goes by. I won't say adding more asanas into your practice as you master them because you never master them.
Ashtanga is a 6 day a week early morning practice.
Sunday is the led Primary Series class and Monday - Friday is Mysore style.
Mysore can be a bit weird at first. You are in a room with others doing their practice.
It's not led. You do it at your pace. So the person on the mat next to you might be doing the same series as you but they are at a different place in the series. Folks come and go during Mysore.
It's self practice in a group setting.
But now it's no big deal!

And of course we have gathered some books on Ashtanga...

Mysore at home is always fun!

Check out this short video. 
It's amazing what this man can do. He is practicing the advanced series.

Daffy practices her SitDownAsana

And of course it's fun to practice your Sirsasana in the park

And surely this must be 8-Limbed!

wikipedia link on ashtanga yoga

Our practice is a journey. And where our bodies are today in our practice is the perfect place to be.
Tomorrow they could be in another place, and that will be perfect too.

Julie asked her students to comment on this months Newsletter 'What Ashtanga means to us'
It means many things to us, and I'm sure since we are still new at it what is means will be ever evolving.
With discipline and  focus we practice within our own limitations.
The balance and flow and the movement and stillness of our practice.
We are observant and we concentrate with our directed gaze.
Ending the practice with contentment and inner peace.


Saturday, June 27, 2015


In addition to all the other attractions and activities in Bend
 there is also a sanctuary for chimpanzees. Today we visited Chimps Inc 
You can read about them here:

Do you see the 2 chimps in the window awaiting our arrival?
They have enclosed walkways from the indoor area to outside areas.

Lesley, founder and director, is giving a talk

They also have 2 lynx but was so warm today they were sleeping where is was cool...

One of the indoor play areas

these warning signs are all over....

The garden where the chimps can point to what treat they want!

working on enrichment....trying to figure out how to get the plum..

There is a large pasture out front... 2 mares with babies!

and no blog post is complete without a pix of these 2..
a little frolicking....
what.... we weren't doing anything....

Friday, May 22, 2015

Beers Made By Walking

We have been remiss in our blog posting.... but thought we would make it up to you by sharing our photos from a hike on the Scout Camp Trail which is a three-mile loop into the Deschutes Canyon, dropping about 700 feet from the trailhead. Wychus Creek, which flows from the Three Sisters volcanoes, joins the Deschutes across the river from the trail.
This hike was a put on by the Oregon Natural Desert Association ONDA
and Beers Made by Walking with the brewer from Crux Fermentation Project .
You can read all about the concept and see a cool video in the Bend Bulletin
Hope you enjoy the photos!