Monday, June 23, 2014

There's no place like home...

....home, sweet home.
No matter how much fun you have while  traveling it's always good to come home.
No matter if you have been trekking in Nepal, cycling in Italy, climbing the Eiffel Tower,
or just a few hours away in the motor home.
Always good to come back home....

So after a fun week away it was time to head back to Bend

morning cuddles before hitting the road

TSK helping Jim navigate the roads

...getting sleepy....

...zzzzzz .....
Are we there yet???
Well, our week in the motorhome was fun! TSK showed Daffy the ropes of RV living and they both did great. 
We saw some new parts of Oregon that we hadn't seen before, had some good bike rides, and saw some very pretty scenery.
Maybe we will head out on another trip this summer but for now we'll enjoy our fulltime vacation in Bend!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Riding the 101

Today is our last day in Newport, so we wanted to get another ride in before we headed out.
Today's ride was up the coast to the north, destination: Depoe Bay

First stop was at Beverly Beach

Beverly Beach is one of the many State Parks that are along Hwy 101
This park was lovely with its ferns, mossy trees, and dappled sun.
View from Foulweather Point

Made it to Depoe Bay!
Depoe Bay, worlds smallest harbor

Really, this is an otter.... really!
Yaquina Head Lighthouse
And the best dog waiting for us at home...

...along with her BFF cat......
Tomorrow we start to make our way back to Bend, have had a good time and Daffy and TSK are the best little travelers.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Day by The Bay!

Today we went on a sightseeing bike ride.
First to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, active for a few years in the early 1800s
The other side of Yaquina Bay Bridge
Historic Toledo Port
View back towards the bay, at top of climb
Jim's dock selfie
The teaming metropolis that is Toledo has a Paper Mill
It was a nice ride, again very scenic. 
An out and back with the on-shore breeze in our faces on the way back. 

But coming home to these two.... priceless

Now off for walkies and to find some dinner.
Stay tuned for more meanderings.....

Friday, June 20, 2014


We made it to Newport..
The PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) is very scenic along here...
if not a bit harrowing in the motorhome on these windy, hilly, narrow roads. 
Jim did great in getting us here safe and sound!

Our last stop in Florence, for espresso

TSK helping with the breaking camp


 First stop was Yachats

Yaquinta Bay, the ship on the far left is a NOAA ship!

Newport Bridge

View from the bedroom window!
We are settled in for the night...
Will try to update as we can, very spotty wifi here...
Plan is for a bike ride in the Newport Hills and some meandering...
Stay tuned!

North Fork

After checking on the web and a local bike shop (who sold bikes and guitars) we found THE ride to do while here in Florence
The North Fork Ride, conveniently on North Fork Rd, which is only about a mile from the RV park.
So after giving the kids tons of cuddles off we went...

Amazing how the scenery changes in just a mile or so....
From coastal to farm land, green pastures, and wild flowers.

Perfect cycling roads: Little traveled, picturesque, with enough climbing to get a good workout.

One of the hairpin turns on the switchbacks at the top

Somehow here at sea level we manged to have a ride that gained 2200' in elevation.
It was a really good ride, but the best part was coming back to these two!

And dinner.... pizza and wine! (from a winery/vineyard in our old neighborhood that we have ridden by many many times)

We take up stakes today and head up the coast to Newport.
Stay tuned for more fun and adventures from the Meandering Moodys
Jim, Dana, TSK, and Daffy

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Ride up 101

Daffy's first night in the Motorhome went well!
And in the morning she was ready to have a walk with TSK.

Having a chat on which way to walk....

TSK says 'let's go this way...'
After breakfast for us and the kids (plus copious shots of espresso for us)
it was time to go for a ride.
We followed the road along the Siuslaw River to the Pacific Ocean and then along Hwy 101
Hope you enjoy the pix

Waves, know..the coast.

Sea Lion Surf Spot!

Some hills but no switchbacks on today's ride.

The people in Florence are rightly proud of this bridge. Deco, Moderne and Egyptian all in a lovely structure.
and then... every hard ride deserves a good meal....
Let's eat....