Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunpuddles, and Dog Parks, and Presents OH MY!

The morning started out with a shared sun puddle...
Then Daffy got her own downstairs bed! She looks very comfy in it!

Now TSK can have his bed back...
We went to the dog park again today. This is Daffy's third visit to a dog park. Her first visit was to a 
very nice dog park that isn't used too much. We wanted a secured area to see how Daffy did off-leash, without many dogs around.
She did great! 
Next we tried a more frequented dog park to see if she was ok with other dogs. She did ok, was a little cautious but didn't run away when dogs came up to her. She seemed as if she wasn't sure what to do.
Today we went back to that same park....
And Daffy had a blast! She ran and played and really looked like she was having fun! It was so great to see. 
We will definitely take her back there.

Then... when we got home, Daffy and TSK had mail!!
Look! we have mail!

Hurry! Open it!
WOW! Daffy and TSK got beautiful collars and leashes from @Pushupsnpaws
Colorado Custom Collars
Check out their site here

Daffy looks so elegant in her new collar

And TSK is so very handsome in his new collar
Thanks Mary, Winston, and Aedan!
This was so very kind and generous of you!


  1. Omc pawsome how wonderful they are best pals!! Xoxo

    Love Pawsome

  2. Bea_Bells- I like the matching collars and stones on them. Very nice Daffy and Tsk.

  3. There's a lot of swooning going on in our house at the moment!!!
    Finn is swoonin over Daffy.
    Isa & Betty are swoonin over TSK.
    Wallas... adjudikatin!!
    We are so pleased to see how well Daffy has settled in and how welcoming TSK has been. Just wonderful!
    Congratulations to your whole family,
    Annette xox

  4. They both look great in their new collars. So happy to hear she's adjusted so well and having fun at the dog park.

  5. Wonderful pictures and love the way Daffy and Tsk are becoming family !! Tweetypie /gunner

  6. What great prezzies for Daffy & tsk! We are all grinning as we see the pics & read your posts about the adventures of the Moody Family. HUGS HUGS HUGS