Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 Everything inside the house is pretty much done... so time to do a few things in the garage. Since we have this huge garage we thought we would take some of the space and use it for a workout area. A garage gym. We had most of the stuff already but wanted to add a chin-up bar.
So off to the hardware store we went.
Came back home with some plumbing pipe fittings....

The bar assembled ready to install

After some false starts we finally got the right screws to screw into the big beam

In place and ready to go!

The suspension training straps are up and work great

Bosu ball and Balance balls at the ready

Arm straps for leg raises to work those abs!

And to top it off ... an awesome commercial grade rower from First Degree. It was on consignment at a local fitness place. Got a deal and it is so smooth. It acutally uses water as resistance.  Sounds and feels like you are on the open water in your scull!

So now there is no excuse. 
If the weather is too bad we can't say 'no workout today, too harsh for a bike ride/ski'

All we can say now is 'Let the fitness begin'!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Squirrels, Kitties, and Deer ....

... OH MY!!!

We were afraid that we might not see the wildlife here that we had in Truckee... fear not! We have deer a-plenty...
Have been told there are elk too, tho we haven't seen them yet. Waiting for them to come by...

 This guy came up to the house with a group of deer. He chose to go a different way for his nibbling. He walked right outside our office window! How cool is that!
Reaching for the good stuff!

 And then there is this sweet boy... watching the activity that is going on outside...
 Whoa! What's that? They have some pretty big squirrels here in these parts! Must be from all the birdseed they eat!
yawn..... enough with the squirrels.....nap time!

Caught him mid jump!

and a beeline to the feeder...

Even though the squirrels empty the feeders.... it's still fun to watch them
Come on... is this the cutest little squirrel or what? He even posed for the camera!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Settling in....

Well, I think we have unpacked the last box. 
It only took us about two weeks to get unpacked, pictures hung, stuff put away, and finding places for everything.
Now we can start really enjoying our new house and town.

 The neighborhood deer family making the rounds often stop by the house for a nibble. We just love to see them.

 One of the 'ever changing' views from our house. Mt. Bachelor above, and Broken Top below. The views are spectacular and with the weather and time of day the view changes.
Beautiful Sunset

Mt Bachelor, Broken Top, and The Sisters - all taken from our house. 

We have a wine cave under the house. The rock that was removed from the cave was used as foundation for the driveway. It stays about 55 degrees all the time and will hold way more bottles than we currently have so more wine shopping is in order. Cheers!

Finally got our first ski in! A little Nordic at Mt Bachelor.
And every day is purrfect for this little guy!

We feel very lucky to have gotten this great house. And are looking forward to many great years here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chanukah Blog Crawl

Welcome everyone to the Chanukah Blog Crawl!

It's my turn and I am talking about latkes. 
Those yummy fried potato pancakes we all love to eat. 
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Me making latkes last year at my sisters house

Like most Jewish holidays, Hanukkah has food traditions. Fried foods like latkes and sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts) are especially popular.

Hanukkah celebrates the oil that burned for eight days so fried foods are popular as they remind us of the miracle of the holiday.

In my family, for some reason, I am always the one that ends up with latke duty.  Peeling, grating, draining the never-ending liquid that comes out of the potatoes. Chopping the onions that always make me cry, and frying them up.
And of course the fact that I smell like latkes for days after. Another favorite dish our family has at Haunukkah is Noodle Kugel (I make mine without the raisins) and it's yummy!

 @Ryker_Tyker 's family made regular potato, purple potato, and sweet potato latkes. Very colorful!

We have tried different recipes over the years, but always have the traditional latke as well. They are typically served with sour cream and apple sauce. The link here has a good traditional recipe plus some other not so traditional. Might try a few of those next year!

TSK in the holiday spirit

TSKs Hanukkah Miracle Wish is that every
pet had a forever home.
And that
May all who are lost, be found
May all who are ill, be well
May all in harms way, be safe
May all without homes, be loved.
My family and friends, Hanukkah 2011
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Of Sun and Skis

TSK has been loving the new house! As the sun makes its way around he follows it from room to room. He especially likes the guest room as it gets the good morning sun.
If you come visit us, TSK is sure to be your roommate! :)


Now that we have gotten the boxes out of the garage there is a spot to set up the wax bench.
and a-waxing we go!

The iron is heating up while I get the skis

First up, the Nordic. Skating and Striding

Then I wax the Alpine skis, now all are ready for scraping.

Wax on.... wax off....looks a little like snow!
All waxed and ready for the snow
Back in the ski/boot closet ready at a moments notice!
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