Friday, March 7, 2014

Daffy's Busy Day

What an exciting day Daffy had! Not only did she have walks in our neighborhood with spectacular views, she got prezzies in the mail! And got to go to the river! AND went to her new vet's office to drop of her records from her old vet.
whew! What a day!

In our court on Daffy's morning walk, snow covered Cascades in the distance

A parcel came!!!!
Daffy picked them out of the box one by one...(after we took out the special one for tsk)
Thank you @BorisKitty and @DogToysCom for sending such great toys for 
#DaffysToyBox !

Tsk and Daffy playing with their new toys
Getting a good sniff....
TSK and Daffy say thank you Boris and Dogtoycom folks!
So many great toys, and a BOX too!
Went for a walk along the river trail
Stopped to take it all in...

There were ducks and geese to look at!

and then home for naps... for all....


  1. @justanothertrnd
    Thanks for posting the pics and telling us about Daffy's busy day, Dana. Seeing her with tsk and Jim is so nice. What a beautiful place for a morning walk... or an any time of day walk.

  2. What a wonderful day! Love the pictures, TSK deserves a snuggle or two. Looks like they've been pals for a long time!

  3. Oh I just love it here. It was the most pawgeous day ever today. Daffy and TSK look as if they have always been together. Daffy is so blessed to have you guys and I know Ingrid would be so happy to see her beloved doggie so loved. You guys are amazing.

  4. OMC-what a pawsome day! Boris is an amazing pal to send all those wonderful things to Daffy & tsk - especially that box! WooHoo! It's wonderful to see Daffy so happy in new new home-we know Ingrid is smiling down on all of you knowing her girl is beloved! ((HUGS))

  5. Wow great box of toys yay Boris your a great friend !

  6. These blogs are a delight. Thank you, Dana & Jim, for sharing the pictures of Daffy, Tsk & the beautiful scenery. I believe, more than ever, Daffy thinks she's in Heaven! You're in a perfect area for curious pets. The pictures of Daffy & Tsk look like they truly love each other too. Love all your posts.