Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Running on St. Patrick's Day

Daffy went on a trail run with us!
OK...it was really a walk/jog/rest/repeat on the trail.
We are continuing her stamina building slowly and she is doing great.

Here is a short video of Jim and Daffy

First a warm up with a walk

and a little jog..
Daffy has done nothing but amaze us with what a great little dog she is.
On our run she stayed right with us both jogging and walking.
She was fine when other walkers/runners and their dogs came by too.

Daffy, Jim and I were invited to our neighbor's house for a St Patrick's Day dinner! 
I wanted to make sure Daffy wasn't going to get pinched so I made her a bandana with some green in it. She looked very festive!

This was the first time Daffy would be visiting someone's house with us, and with other dogs there as well. We weren't sure how she would react but she did great! She behaved herself, no accidents, and stayed near Jim and I most of the time. Some of the folks at the party had read about Daffy's travels here in the paper and were quite impressed with her. (not to mention tickled to be in the presence of such a famous dog!)

Bambi, Judy, and Carrita - Bambi and Chris

Bill and Bob - Bob, Joan (with Mariner) and Judy
Daffy photobomb!! with Joan, Judy, and Carrita
Dinner was absolutely scrumptious!
Postprandial Irish Creme
Carrita, me, and Joan showing off our earrings of our furbabies
Bambi and Carrita
Joan had made shamrock scarves for the dogs! They all looked so cute!
Comparing our photos of the 3 dogs :)
Mariner - Scruffy and Mariner
Daffy wanted to share her scarf with TSK! He looks good in green.
We had a lovely time, thank you Joan and Bill for a very nice evening!


  1. So happy to see Daffy settling in so well. What a blessed little dog.

  2. I don't think Daffy could have a more perfect environment than where she is now. Those trails are so pretty & perfect for her to "train".

    It's so much fun going to these parties with Daffy. Tsk probably comes & goes as he pleases since it was at a neighbor's home, hehe. Tsk had his St. Patrick's Day scarf on, too.

    June (noahzbark)

    1. Love Daffy's friends too. So cute!

  3. looks so cool miss dana! TSK look furry handsome. Mom wants to know if Daffys friends are a breed or mixed doggy, do you know the breed if there one? Very cute!