Sunday, May 25, 2014

The cutting of a mattress

 In our moving from 2 condos to one house we ended up with an extra mattress so we thought we would swap out the mattresses in the MotorHome.
Which we did some time ago, though the new mattress was just sitting in there.
So the other day we went by the motorhome to set the mattress in place...
guess what.... it was too long!
Good thing Jim and I are short... get the clippers out!

Daffy on the big dash...

She seems pretty comfortable here..

'are we gonna go?'

Said mattress..

How much the mattress hangs over.
The issue is the 'bedroom' is in a slide, so there is no problem when the slide is out. But when the slide is in the new mattress was too long.
Tool of choice for foam mattress cutting

Tools of the trade

Draw a line where you want to cut and hope for the best


Cuts like buttah!

Not the tidiest job but it worked!

Has the Daffy seal of approval

Bed made and slide in, another successful DIY project. Now Daffy says 'let's go somewhere'!
We also replaced the battery and will have the motorhome de-winterized, get some air in the tires and head somewhere with the furfamily. After living in the motorhome for 3 months (aug-nov 2012) before we were able to move into this house we weren't in any hurry to get back in it. But now thinking it might be fun to take a trip or two. There is so much of our new state we haven't seen.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Critter Agility

Daffy had her second agility class today, and she did great!
Learning 'over' from a sit

Raring to go!

Look at that smile!

A treat for a good jump!

Notice Daffy peeking out? Supposed to be at the other end!

Had her first 'Dog Walk'

Step one, was just the contact up, turn around, and back down.

Next was walking up, over, and down. She did it!

At the end we ran a short course. She did pretty good. So many good things to sniff on the ground!

She did it!

Action Shot!

And then later there was some kitty agility!

first you have to tidy up...



..and GO! TSK specializes in the Flip and Flop.

whew... that was hard work.. a tidy up and a nap in order!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daffy Does Agility

We signed Daffy up for Beginning Agility Class
with Meredith Gage's Pawsitive Experience
after seeing her on the local news giving 'pet tips. 
Today was the first class and Daffy did great!

The class is being held at the Bend Pet Resort.
Daffy met goats!
There is a nice fenced yard with the obstacles set up.
Meredith and some of our fellow classmates
First obstacle today was the Table. Daffy had no problems getting up, and 'stayed' pretty well.
Meredith used Daffy as an example for a few of the routines.
Like Ingrid always said, Daffy is very 'food driven'.

Next obstacle was the Barrel, again Daffy did good!
She even went thru the Tunnel!
With both the Barrel and the Tunnel, once she got inside, Daffy made sure that she didn't miss any treats dropped by the other dogs.

Meredith showing Daffy the Jumps
Jim taking Daffy thru the Jumps.
All in all we think Daffy had a good time, she was ready to participate and looked forward to her turn. We have some homework.... working on her 'stays' (which she is pretty good at...for the most part) and we are looking forward to the next class!