Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daffy at the Dog Park

We are starting to introduce Daffy to the "Active Bend Lifestyle."
Today we went to Pine Nursery Dog Park.
It's a very nice park with trails to walk on and many large grassy play areas.
This is Daffy's second time at a park (the first was yesterday at a different, lesser used park)
and she did really well. She walked close by and didn't run off when the leash was removed. 
She is cautiously interested in the other dogs, didn't flinch when big dogs came up to her.
We aren't sure if she realizes that it is OK to just run and play. But it's still early yet and this may just be another adjustment for her to make. Or perhaps she didn't realize there were so many other dogs in the world!

Daffy needed to check things out first

She was the most stylin' dog there, by far!
She did good with the big and little dogs.

Daffy has a life jacket...wonder if she likes the water? Maybe do some Stand Up Paddling this summer!
Such a pretty girl!
Everyday Daffy surprises again us with how smart & sweet she is...it's clear that Ingrid lavished time and affection on her. We feel fortunate to now have the benefit of that time and affection.
Ingrid would be so proud of her....


  1. You people have done a wonderful thing All parties have benefitted!(you, Daffy and Ingrid) Revives my faith in humankind! :) @juneL2014

  2. You guys just keep making us smile! What an amazing new beginning for Daffy and for you and TSK. I'm sure that Ingrid's spirit is alive and strong in Daffy which is why she's doing so wonderfully. Love & Hugs

  3. This post bring happy tears to my eyes. I remember Ingrid talking about the tricks she and Daffy used to do. I remember she said Daffy picked up on learning very quickly. You are doing an amazing job with her. She is one very fortunate doggy.

  4. Ingrid is proud and Daffy is beautiful Dana you and Jim are wonderful people hugs xoxox