Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Little Hiker

Daffy has become quite the little adventurer! She walks, hikes, runs and bikes with us.
This outing was up Bessie Butte, which we hadn't done before. Daffy was raring to go!

Daffy at the TrailHead ready to go!

Up up up the butte

Quite the panorama...

Vista from the top, Broken Top and the Three Sisters

Bessie Butte
She also enjoyed the hike along the Deschutes River Trail

I do think she is smiling!
And Daffy and TSK are cuddling and hanging out more and more!

Enjoying the view and the sun on the deck

They like to share this particular sunpuddle

.....and Daffy's bed
Daffy and her namesake flower at the end of our drive

TSK... I think should now stand for 'The Sweetest Kitty'

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The evolution of the first cuddle

Houston, we have a cuddle!!

Daffy and TSK are getting along great! And we knew it was just a matter of time before there was a cuddle.... it happened today!
Daffy was in her bed....TSK slowly stepped in, Daffy sat up but didn't get out.

Of course, TSK needed to clean Daffy first....

'Is he done yet?'

'guess not.... I suppose I'll just nap then...'

 A little shifting around so everyone is comfy..

And there you have it! Daffy and TSK's first cuddle, initiated by TSK, and Daffy just went along with it. She is such a good girl!

Thank you to @tokipoki and @BorisKitty for the great cards!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Daffy Days

Daffy has been with us a little over three weeks now and she continues to do really well.
She went to our vet, and they loved each other. Dr LaPaugh says Daffy is very healthy but maybe a few pounds overwight. That will fix itself with all the exercise she will be getting. 
We also took her to get her nails trimmed. We had heard that she does not like this procedure and let the groomer know.... but we needn't have worried. She went along with everything without a peep!
Today we went to the dog park again, she is getting more comfortable around the other dogs. She was running around like a really happy dog! It was sweet to see.

Getting ready for her mani pedi
She did great!
Driving Miss Daffy
At the top of Pilot Butte (can see our butte - Awbrey Butte) behind them. 
After a busy day, it's nap time...

TSK and Daffy have become good pals!


kiss kiss
Daffy and TSK are getting closer and closer and we know it's just a matter of time before we see them cuddling!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Running on St. Patrick's Day

Daffy went on a trail run with us! was really a walk/jog/rest/repeat on the trail.
We are continuing her stamina building slowly and she is doing great.

Here is a short video of Jim and Daffy

First a warm up with a walk

and a little jog..
Daffy has done nothing but amaze us with what a great little dog she is.
On our run she stayed right with us both jogging and walking.
She was fine when other walkers/runners and their dogs came by too.

Daffy, Jim and I were invited to our neighbor's house for a St Patrick's Day dinner! 
I wanted to make sure Daffy wasn't going to get pinched so I made her a bandana with some green in it. She looked very festive!

This was the first time Daffy would be visiting someone's house with us, and with other dogs there as well. We weren't sure how she would react but she did great! She behaved herself, no accidents, and stayed near Jim and I most of the time. Some of the folks at the party had read about Daffy's travels here in the paper and were quite impressed with her. (not to mention tickled to be in the presence of such a famous dog!)

Bambi, Judy, and Carrita - Bambi and Chris

Bill and Bob - Bob, Joan (with Mariner) and Judy
Daffy photobomb!! with Joan, Judy, and Carrita
Dinner was absolutely scrumptious!
Postprandial Irish Creme
Carrita, me, and Joan showing off our earrings of our furbabies
Bambi and Carrita
Joan had made shamrock scarves for the dogs! They all looked so cute!
Comparing our photos of the 3 dogs :)
Mariner - Scruffy and Mariner
Daffy wanted to share her scarf with TSK! He looks good in green.
We had a lovely time, thank you Joan and Bill for a very nice evening!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sporty Daffy

We took Daffy out on the mtn bike trails at Skyline Forest again, this time with both of us on our bikes. Riding slowly along the fire roads. Daffy stayed right with us, and if she had to sniff something she quickly caught up with us. 
Then we tried the singletrack trails. On these trails she never veered off from the trail. And she stayed between us, looking over her shoulder making sure the second rider was still there. She did great!
We are slowly building up her endurance and stamina.

A couple videos of Daffy out on the mtn bike trails


Like any good athlete Daffy makes sure she stretches before a workout.
She is practicing her Doga....



...and stretcccchhhhhhh....and holllldddddd.....

And after a good ride what better way to relax than on the couch with the family
It would appear TSK has commandeered Daffy's bed for a Daffy is in TSK's bed..