About TSK

The story of TSK or Time Share Kitty
While we were still coming to the mountains on weekends only we noticed a cute brown tabby cat that used to come visit us. After some inquiring the kitty belonged to a neighbor. She had taken him because she didn't want him to end up at a shelter. Her mom had a friend that had to go into an assisted living complex and couldn't take him. The cats name was Starsky (there was a Hutch at one point as well) our neighbor small boy, who was a little dyslexic, called him Skistar. Before we knew his name we called him Time Share Kitty (TSK) since he always came to stay with us on the weekends. Sunday afternoons when we were packing up to go back down to the city we would take him back to our neighbors. She is a very sweet and kind woman, but with 2 small boys and a real big dog the cat liked our calm, peaceful home better. Our neighbor said we could keep him if we wanted. Heck Ya! He has now been living with us full time for almost a year. Since he is no longer Time Share, we just call him Kitty.

Allergies.... sadly Jim is allergic to cats. Kitty included. So we take many steps to keep the dander down to a minimum and it's been working pretty well so far.
We both just love him to bits! He is a very sweet kitty, and loves to make muffins on Jim! :)

Here are some really cute cat photos! 


Have you ever seen anything so fierce?

Kitty helping Jim eat his oatmeal

Creating masterpieces with ipad app Paint for Cats

The Mighty Cat, looking for chippers...RUN chippies!

Jim and Kitty, best of buddies

out for a stroll, such a good kitty on a leash!

chillin' in the KritterKondo

Out for a spin in the Hello Kitty bike

Neighbor Ginger Kitty coming over for a play date

out for a hike, Kitty in his Homeward Hound front carrier

such a good little traveler!

chillaxin' in his Kitty Kradle (home made by dana) in the car

out for a walk, or a carry ...

Hanging out with us for a little froyo


  1. he is adorable and clearly well loved with many yuppie toys that any cat requires! ;)

  2. nice kitty, kitty. I like the name. Great pics.

  3. I am SO related to TSK! It takes us smart tabbies to understand and maximize the harness/leash magic we exert on humans. Hee!

  4. TSK is amazing and love the photos! Amazing how he just goes everywhere with you and on all modes of transportation. MOL

  5. How dare them call you Kitty?! TSK means The Stunning King! No lets them disrespect you!

    Kitty! Come on, pweeze, what the ph*q?! A king is a MAN, not a kitty! Kitty sounds, well, you know, swish...*limp paw*

    We has good advice. Catch spider. Tear legs out. Chew on body. Spit out. Add pukie. Leave whole package next to their bed. Them shall NEVER call you Kitty again, but face fact you is KING.

  6. What a gorgeous kitty he is too! I love his bike carrier - that's a great way to travel.

  7. Adore TSK and that pawesome Hello Kitty bike!