Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catching Up...

After leaving Joshua Tree we headed for Palm Springs, Jim had found a route for a ride in the area online and wanted to try it out. 
As we come over the hill into the Palm Everything area, we see tons of these...
Sadly there was no wifi at the RV park we stayed at in Palm Springs, and we didn't even see a single famous person. But there is a golf course on every corner!
tsk basking in the sun
The ride we did wasn't the most scenic, but it was a workout. 
But there were palm trees and snow capped mountains
I guess they really mean Share the Road :)
The plan was to leave Palm Springs and head to the Salton Sea for a boondock night. But in checking the weather there were alerts for all the areas around us for high winds and sand storms. We decided to start making our way back north and try to avoid some of that. Sadly we did see quite a bit of harrowing wind. 

and something that looked straight out of MadMax

But managed to make it to the River Run rv park... sadly the Kern River is dry at the moment. But they do have wifi! 
Talking a quick walk around we saw this thing
wonder what they pull it with? A Smart Car?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Ride in the Park

Our visit to Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree NP consists of 794,000 acres, three quarters of which are designated wilderness- where the Mojave and Colorado deserts converge.
The plan for the day was to ride from the Twentynine Palms RV park into the JTNP for a bit, turn around and come back. There are only 2 paved roads in the park, so we couldn't get lost.
Woke up to a lovely sunny day, so after breakfast we decided to head out.
But first tsk needed to help with putting air in the tires
Joshua Tree Park entrance
Yucca, Joshua Tree, Hedgehog Cactus
Joshua and Yucca
Jim riding in JTNP
Rocks in the Pinto Gneiss formation
When we got back, tsk got to meet a kitty from Alberta! 

We have had a lovely time here in 29P, but time to move on. Thinking of heading further south to Palm something... Springs or otherwise :)
Stay tuned for more meanderings!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


tsk in his place on the dash, with Mr Pickles
Ok, so we aren't exactly snow birds (what they call the folks that live in cold climes and take their RVs to sunnier places) but we did want to go somewhere warmer where there was no snow and we could ride our bikes.
We are now in Twentynine Palms, a few miles from Joshua Tree National Park.
Last night we spent the night in an axillary parking lot of a Truck Stop near Bakersfield. It was about half way to Joshua Tree, and just a convenient spot.
We got up this morning and had breakfast at Denny's. Jim had his first 'senior' meal. 
The Senior Waffle Grand honor of yesterday being "National Waffle Day."

Much of the scenery today was like this. The cool looking vintage/grunge photo effect is actually our dirty windshield.
We stopped here on the way to JT but sadly they were closed... so we were unable to reap it's many benefits.
The Inegratron  
tsk checking out the desert....

Tomorrow the plan is to ride into Joshua Tree. It's 10 miles uphill to get there it should make for an interesting morning. Will post pix tomorrow.
Stay tuned...