Friday, June 29, 2012

The Lonliest Road in America

417 miles. 10 hours. It's been a day!
ok... so maybe we stopped along the way to take a photo or two... but still a long day. We left Moab in the  morning and took Hwy 128 along the Colorado River. A very scenic drive. 
Got on 70/50 and drove thru pretty much most of Utah. Stopped in Ely, Nevada for the night.
Here are some photos of the day.
tsk wanted to be the driver this time
The ridge in the distance is where we rode our mountain bikes!
Colorado River
The San Rafael Reef
Driving thru the reef
Ghost Rock
Black Dragon
As we were heading down the highway we could see this fire billowing. Sacry! The road turned before it and we then headed away from it.
We made it to Ely, safe and sound.
Friday (today)
We left Ely early, as we were still travelling on the loneliest road and had about 324 miles to do to get home. Temps were actually cool and pleasant for a change.
There are a few towns along the way but they seem to be lost in time.
Much of the day was this. Over and down a mtn pass then a long flat valley, to do it again, and again.
TSK had his first grocery store trip!
Welcome to California!
Heading up the road to home... he knows!
And now we are home safe and sound. We had allot of fun in Salt Lake City at Blogpaws meeting everyone and also in Moab getting some good rides in. We are disapointed we didn't get to Colorado due to the fires but plan on trying to go again when things are better and cooler there.
Not sure what our next meandering will be, but you'll be the first to hear about it here!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arches Nat'l Park

Our last day here in Moab, couldn't leave without going into Arches. So off we went on our road bikes. Left in the morning, had a hint of coolness in the air, cloud cover with a nice breeze. We where hoping it would stay with us all day. 
There is a bike trail system here that goes from Moab to the park entrance and beyond. It crosses the Colorado River on the Colorado River Pedestrian Bridge (needs a better name! )
Here are some photos from our day.
The Colorado River
River thru the bridge
Jim riding over the bridge
Lots of cute little lizards here
First look into the park
The Long and Winding Road
Jim riding that long and winding road...
Park Avenue
Courthouse Towers
Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, Tower of Babel
The Organ
Balanced Rock
Delicate Arch (sadly we couldn't get closer, bike shoes not the best for climbing slick rock)
Salt Valley
Jim at one of the many vista points
They say there are BigHorn Sheep here... this was the only one we could find....  
And always the best to come back to this sweet boy!
So those clouds and cool breeze I was talking about earlier...? Didn't last. The clouds parted enough for the strong sun to bear down on us, and that nice breeze turned into gale force winds.
A special thanks to the two women who gave us water to top off our waterbottles!

Tomorrow morning we leave here and head towards home. Will take us a couple days to get there. Not sure what fun exciting things we'll see but if we see them, so will you here :-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aye Carumba!

Today we did the mountain bike trail known as the Whole Enchilada. It incorporates a few trails into one long trail. It was hard, steep, specatcular scenery, rocky, hard, did I mention hard?
It took us 6+ hours from the time we were dropped off till we go back to the RV. Of course, we also burned 3600 calories in that time too! 
Here are some photos of the day, enjoy!
Bikes on top of the old Westy ready to go!
wasn't long before we were, pushing our bikes up the steep bits.
cows in the mist..
Our vista on this part of the ride, still in the forest
Warner Lake
Along the lake
Jim crossing a bridge
Our lunch break view
Rock formations (monuments) in the distance
EEEK! don't get so close to the edge!
There are tons of monuments here
The road back to the RV and ......
..this sweet boy!
All in all it was a good day on the bike, tho hard, we got to see some spectacular scenery.
And because the name of the trail is The Whole Enchilada it made us hungry for Mexican food. Margaritas, chips, quacamole, the whole enchilada!

Tomorrow we are thinking of doing a road ride. Stay tuned....
and then we will head back towards home. Looks like CO is still on fire (hope all are safe) so we might go there another time.

Monday, June 25, 2012


We are here in Moab, a mountain biking mecca.
It's darn hot here!!
But we managed to get out on our bikes and see some sights. 
Jim is on Tout (which he learned about at Blogpaws) and took a couple videos.
(if it asks you to sign in to FB to view and you don't have FB, just click 'no thanks' should direct you back to the video.
We rode part of the Pipe Dream trail today. Very technical and hard.
Here are some photos.
Up on the PipeDream trail, looking down on the town of Moab.
Jim on the trail
Jim showing off his skills on the red rock
The other end of town
Flat #AngelPetie and tsk taking in the view from the motorhome
Tomorrow we are getting up at the crack of dawn and taking a shuttle with our bikes to a popular ride here that starts up at 10,500 feet! Then we ride back home. 
Should be lots of photo ops so check back soon!
OH! and we just heard from some folks that there are movie folks here in the RV park, they are shooting a Disney movie, The Lone Ranger. hmmmm maybe we should ask them if they need some extras? Us... or maybe the flat cats?