Monday, May 21, 2012

Mt Diablo

After leaving Santa Cruz County we stopped at Mt Diablo overnight. 
We were hoping that the campground was at the base. Sadly, not the case. And once you start up the narrow, winding, hairpin turning road there is no place to turn around an RV. So up we went.
The road traveled by motorhome, then by bicycle
Our room with a view
Climbing up to the summit observation deck
Winner and Champion (or is that chimpanzee?)
Our evenings vista
Next mornings alarm clock.... get an early start down the mountain before the traffic started. And then back home.
We had a really nice time on our trip. Next planned trip is to Blogpaws in June.
Stay tuned for more fun and adventure from the meandering moodys!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coastal Cruising

Today we went for a ride we found on the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club's website. We just chose one randomly but it was an excellent choice. It took us away from the ocean and up into the hills. Many different views to be seen. Thru eucalyptus groves and vineyards, gentleman ranches and strawberry fields (forever). 
Here are some photos of our day
Beautiful flowers along the way
An old rusty car
Rodeo practice, mechanical bull pulled by a tractor
The road always seems to go up
Sunset beach

TSK meeting park kitty, and smelling the flowers

Have had a pleasant time here, tomorrow we are heading towards home, perhaps stopping at Mt Diablo for a night and some cycling.


...or King of the Mountains
After leaving Sanborn Park we drove on yet more twisty narrow winding roads. Good thing our motorhome is short and Jim has excellent driving skills.
We were able to find a fairly flat wide spot off the road to watch the race as they came by.
But they weren't coming till the next day so what else to do but ride some of the course.
The spot were we were was about 20 miles from the finish in Santa Cruz so we rode there. When the racers go thru the roads will be closed. No cars. Sadly, they didn't do that for us so when in Santa Cruz we were looking at a map and a very kind tow truck driver helped us find a different way back. Of course it was all uphill. And we missed one of our turns. But it was a good ride. Unfortunately we have nary a photo as the battery died in the phone.

Monday, the day of stage 2 we got up and rode the other way before they closed the road. The way the racers would be coming up. Into the town of Boulder Creek.
It was nice to see other spectators showing up and lots of cyclists doing the same thing we were.
Stopped at the Rainbow's End for cappuccino and muffin. They have a tree growing in the middle of the place

Jim at the 5k to go sign, the KOM, and Dana chalking the road
Our perfect spot, wacky spectator, the racers!
#35 George Hincapie
the last racers coming thru, and the lone Lantern Rouge..
After the roads opened up we managed to get turned around and off to our next stop. Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz. We are just a block away from the Pacific Ocean.
The Pacific Ocean
The Palo Alto, built as a concrete warship, bought and moored at the end of the pier to be used as an entertainment venue in the early 30s. Was only opened for 2 years. Now just home to the local birds.
An end to a long day at the famous Manuel's Mexican Restaurant

Monday, May 14, 2012

Road to Sanborn Park

Planning a trip to watch a stage of the Tour of California first entailed getting the motorhome out of storage, and then getting it washed. We found a truck stop that washes RVs. Having a motorhome means spending more time at truckstops than you ever imagined...

We drove to Saratoga to Sanborn Park, passing the Mothball Fleet in Benicia.

Kitty KoPilot

Next stop was Sanborn Park, after a harrowing drive up the narrow steep winding road to get there.
A lovely setting in the redwoods, went for a hike in the woods.

tsk and some of the plentiful deer that roam the park.
Next stop will be near the KOM of stage 2 in the #ATOC.
We are a few days behind in posting due to bad connection and no wifi.
Playing catch up