Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The evolution of the first cuddle

Houston, we have a cuddle!!

Daffy and TSK are getting along great! And we knew it was just a matter of time before there was a cuddle.... it happened today!
Daffy was in her bed....TSK slowly stepped in, Daffy sat up but didn't get out.

Of course, TSK needed to clean Daffy first....

'Is he done yet?'

'guess not.... I suppose I'll just nap then...'

 A little shifting around so everyone is comfy..

And there you have it! Daffy and TSK's first cuddle, initiated by TSK, and Daffy just went along with it. She is such a good girl!

Thank you to @tokipoki and @BorisKitty for the great cards!


  1. Omc pawsome that's amazing tsk and daffy

  2. Oh My Goodness I am so Happy !!! And if Ingrid is up there looking down she will be smiling !!!!!! :)

  3. Awwww just like two peas in a pod! YAY! We're still amazed.

  4. It's been fun watching TSK welcome Daffy to her new home. TSK has wanted Daffy to feel as comfortable as possible. Now, I think, they're both comfortable with each other. Love them! xo

  5. Purrrrr Daffy looks so happy! Gad TSK treatin her well too!

  6. So heartwarming ! Thanks so much for sharing. RosyPoodleKisses to all of you!

  7. TSK is an _exceptional_ kitty! So lovey - just touches my heart:-)

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier Princess

  8. Awww. My old woofself does appawreciate howl carin' kitties like TSK can be. Would rawther doo without da bed hoggin' tho. ... Meezer, R U listenin'? BOL ~ Best *nosetaps* 2 TSK + Daffy