Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Foodies For Furkids

A couple of our friends on twitter came up with a great fundraising idea. How about an anipal cook book? But people recipes made by our furbabies.....With pictures and everything! And with proceeds going to help our anipal friends in need.
You have got to check this out.
Ours came in the mail today and I am very impressed with it.
There are great recipes in here I can't wait to try.

Here is a little sneak preview...

TSK checking out the book...

Daffy has to look too!

HEY!!! That's us! We look good!
Many of our pals contributed recipes
@3PhiBottecelli Phi and Sadie
@MewmewMurphy Murphy and Curly
@whskr Dashkitten
@TattleCat Herman, Adorapurr and Gidget
@NoCryBabyDogs Daffy and TSK
@LilyLuWhoT Lily and Luna

Each contributing pal has their own chef photo and bio.... how cool is that!
(pictured are just a few)

I already have some recipes picked out to try soon. I hope you order this cookbook. It's a great book for a great cause.... helping our friends in need.

A huge thanks to Skeeter's mom Kathy and Raphael's mom Deb for putting this book together.

You can order the cook book here: 
These would make the perfect gifts for your vet, groomer, dog walker, pet sitter, friends and family!

and after all that excitement it was time to take a nap in the parkas 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Bikes!

This weekend we made a quick trip to Sacramento.
To see family and pick up our new mountain bikes.
This was also Daffy's first trip to California and meeting her aunts and uncle.

Daffy at the bike shop

 Eric helping Jim with his fit...

Eric explaining some features... Daffy listening intently in case Jim forgets...

 Daffy shopping at Paws and Palette for some treats.
We brought some home for Scruffy and Mariner whose staff was taking care of TSK for the weekend.

 Sitting pretty at McKinley Park

Daffy with Uncle Jess and Aunt Judy (Dana's brother and SisInLaw, owners of City Bicycle Works)

 Bikes on the car... ready to head home...

but first a cappuccino from Insight with J&J before we hit the road.

Just across the CA/OR border... raining on our new bikes!! 

At the trail the next day... ready for their maiden voyage

Jim shredding down the trails. Looking good on the new bike!

It was a good trip and nice to see Jill, Jess, and Judy and meet Clint.
Thank you CBW for all your help with our bikes and a special thanks to Eric for getting us all dialed in.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Crater Ditch

We went for a hike on the Crater Ditch Trail with our friend Connie and her friend Wendi, taking Daffy with us. The trail we took takes you to the summit of Broken Top which we can see from our house.

Broken Top is an extinct, glacially eroded stratovolcano in Oregon, part of the extensive Cascade Range. Located southeast of the Three Sisters peaks, the volcano, residing within the Three Sisters Wilderness, is 20 miles (32 km) west of Bend, Oregon in Deschutes County. Eruptive activity stopped roughly 100,000 years ago, and currently, erosion by glaciers has reduced the volcano's cone to where its contents are exposed. Bend and Crook Glaciers are the two named glaciers on the peak. (via wikipedia)

Daffy on the trail with the creek alongside and Broken Top with Crook Glacier in the background
Wendi on the trail surrounded by beauty

Connie along Crater Creek

Broken Top and the Crook Glacier

Connie and Wendi hiking up with Ball Butte in the background
Daffy's wet paw prints. Not a water dog by nature but she did great in the creek crossings!

A tiny rivulet of water supports some lichen growth

The scramble up to the lake, can you make out the trail on the right?

Daffy, the Glacier Dog!

The beautiful unnamed moraine lake

3 Finger Jack, Mt Washington, Mt Jefferson in the clouds, and faintly Mt Hood

The Three Sisters (Charity, Hope, and Faith)

photographing the photographer

view of the lake from the summit

Lunch time at the top with Jim, Daffy, Wendi, and Connie

(photo courtesy of Connie)

Jim and Connie at the top careful up there!!

The snow wall on the right still looks 'ski-able'

Mt Bachelor in the middle distance
On top of the world

a few wildflowers left

Connie and Wendi
Connie and Wendi on the descent
waving from below.... hello up there! (photo courtesy of Connie)

Broken Hand
It was a long day out but a beautiful hike in such a lovely area with wonderful company!
We are so glad we met Wendi (she is a pet sitter here in Bend! A good person to know :) )
Hope to hike again soon with them.