Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Bikes!

This weekend we made a quick trip to Sacramento.
To see family and pick up our new mountain bikes.
This was also Daffy's first trip to California and meeting her aunts and uncle.

Daffy at the bike shop

 Eric helping Jim with his fit...

Eric explaining some features... Daffy listening intently in case Jim forgets...

 Daffy shopping at Paws and Palette for some treats.
We brought some home for Scruffy and Mariner whose staff was taking care of TSK for the weekend.

 Sitting pretty at McKinley Park

Daffy with Uncle Jess and Aunt Judy (Dana's brother and SisInLaw, owners of City Bicycle Works)

 Bikes on the car... ready to head home...

but first a cappuccino from Insight with J&J before we hit the road.

Just across the CA/OR border... raining on our new bikes!! 

At the trail the next day... ready for their maiden voyage

Jim shredding down the trails. Looking good on the new bike!

It was a good trip and nice to see Jill, Jess, and Judy and meet Clint.
Thank you CBW  http://citybicycleworks.com for all your help with our bikes and a special thanks to Eric for getting us all dialed in.