Quilts for Scotty and Ryan

I recently got a very special and important request from my Twitter friend Kim, 
 who tweets as herself (@KCzubek) and her cats @RosieAndCheeto. A few months ago Kim's husband Scott Czubek passed away. 
The passing of Scott has left a huge hole in the hearts of his family and friends.
Kim wanted to make sure that her sons, Scotty and Ryan, had something that belonged to
Scott as they got older.
Kim thought, since Scott was a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy, that perhaps a 
T-shirt quilt for each boy would be nice.
She asked me if I would be interested in doing them for her.
I told her it would be an honor to make these quilts for her boys, as this will be 
something of their dads that they can wrap themselves in.... maybe like a hug from him..

Scotty, Kim, Scott, and baby Ryan


I will be posting pix of my progress on the quilts here....
Scroll down for updates

The box of shirts arrived the day after Daffy did! She and tsk were very curious... must have smelled R&C..

The shirts have been sorted and the sleeves have been removed leaving the fronts as single layers of fabric. 
I have pinned the corners of the block template so I have a guide on the backside when I iron on the interfacing

Interfacing cut into block size
Next step will be to iron on the interfacing to the back side of the shirts and cut them to block size.
Stay tuned.....

March 8, 2014
About one third of the shirts now have interfacing ironed on to the back of the fronts.
I cut a few out to see how they would look.

Good variety of designs

How the sashing will look with the Tshirt blocks

Closer image of the material for the sashing
Next I will continue to iron on the interfacing to the rest of the shirts. Then cut out the remaining blocks.
Look for an update when that is done.

March 12

 Progress is being made! Now the t-shirts have gone from being clothing to being the material for these special quilts.

The interfacing has been ironed on and all the blocks cut out now.

Next I split up the blocks into two groups, one for each quilt.
No real rhyme or reason, just making sure each one had the same quantity of colors and greys.

Here is the layout of quilt 1

Here is the layout of quilt 2, partially on top of the material that will be used for sash/strips
Next step will be to cut the strips and sashing for both quilts.

March 14, 2014

 First Cuts & Stitches!
TSK is making sure I measure a squillion times before cutting.
Strips and sashing all cut for both quilts

my cryptic notes

First Stitches! Sewing has commenced !!

First row! 7 more to go...
Next steps will be more sashing and connecting the rows with vertical strips. Then deciding on a border color. Any suggestions?

March 21, 2014

Starting to look very quilt-like!

All sashes have been sewn on

Strips sewn on one of the quilts

The Sew Zone

one more row to go!
Waiting for a border
Next I will sew the strips onto the second quilt and sew the rows together.
After that will look for a good border and back fabric.

March 25, 2014

Both quilts now have all the strips and sashes in them! 

And the fabric for the back of both quilts and the borders have been chosen.
The border will be the same on both quilts but the backs will have a different print.

Sample of how the border will look.

Another sample....
The back fabric for each, and the binding will be the same blue used for the sash/strips

Close up of fabric for one back (with binding fabric)

Close up of fabric for second quilt (with binding fabric)
 Next step is to wash the border and back fabrics, iron, then measure measure measure..... then cut.

Pleased with the progress and outcome so far.
And I would like to send a special thanks to Connie @Boomiethecat's mom who has been a tremendous help to me with her advice. She is so knowledgeable in all things "quilt' and so generous with her time and sharing of information. Thanks Connie!

April 1, 2014

Just a quick update.... The tops are DONE! 

Sorry that the images aren't the best (hard to get the whole thing in the photo!)
The backing fabric has been washed and ironed and I am in the midst of cutting it.
Then I will piece the backs together.
Backs and tops will then be ironed again to ensure that they lie flat when I start
making the sandwich (what they call the 3 parts: bottom, batt, top).
The quilts are coming along nicely!


April 4, 2014

 Ready for the next big step!

Both backs have been made, the cotton batting resting & relaxing....

Time to cut the batting to the same size as the backing...TSK making sure I cut right...

 The back is taped to the floor to ensure smoothness, then the batt is placed on top.
Folded over one way, spray basted, then folded over. Smoothing out any wrinkles.
Then fold over the other way, spray baste, fold back and smooth.
Repeat that same process with the quilt top. 
Who knew a foam roller would come in handy for something like this?

Both quilts in their 'sandwich' stage

Left: a sample of how the binding will look
Right: Marking the first line to sew. Will be using a crosshatch quilting stitch.
The quilts have been untaped & removed from the living room floor. They are now lying flat on the guest bed awaiting the sewing machine.

Thank you Connie, for your fabu diagrams and excellent instructions!

The next step will be the actual quilting!
Stay tuned.....

April 15, 2014


.....well. ok... halfway of just one quilt. But it's still progress!

The expertly made diagrams from Connie ( @BoomieTheCat's mom) in showing me how to do the Cross Hatch quilt stitch. Thank you Connie! You have been a huge help!

 Had to move my base of operation to the dining room table for the quilting process.

As the rolled up (already quilted part) got bigger I had to move the machine to the side of the table to 
help support the weight of the quilt. And stand over the machine to make sure the roll was 
not moving the guide. It was a tight squeeze!
But with Jim's help in maneuvering both ends we got it done!
Thanks honey!

 All lines done one way! Now will start on the top right to the bottom left
for the cross hatch look.

Hopefully the next update will be when I have completed the lines in the other direction.
Then I will do the same quilted lines on the second quilt followed by the binding on both. It sounds so simple but it's harder than it looks!
Stay tuned....

April 27, 2014

Guess what?!? Quilt number one is all QUILTED!!! 

With the many layers of this quilt (top, interfacing,batting, back) and having the guide on the right side of the foot made for quite the challenge to get that big roll into the neck of the machine (hard to explain...see picture in previous post).
Thank you Connie for your fabulous tip on pinning a line to stabilize the layers and sewing in the other direction. I could then put the guide back on the left side and the roll lessened as each line was sewn. Whew!

Here are a few photos of the top of the quilt where you can see the Cross Hatch quilting stitch that I used. Another great tip from Connie!

And here is the back...

Next I will repeat these steps on quilt 2. The final step will be the binding on them both.
I feel like I have made a lot of progress and learned a lot too. So now this first quilt is finished (except for the binding).


May 11, 2014

Update on second quilt.
The quilt lines have been sewn in one direction, now to start in the other corner to create the cross hatch pattern.

Used the 'Connie' method of pinning and switching ends again. Works well!
Of course, no sewing project is complete without a thorough inspection.

Making sure I am doing it right.

TSK is such a snoopervisor!

Oh Hai!!
All the one way lines on quilt 2 are done, TSK is quality control.

The guideline is drawn on to start sewing the other way.

Rolled up and ready to sew....
Sew  So after the last set of lines are done on this quilt it will be time for the binding on both.
Once that is done the quilts will be finished! Folded up and packed in a box and sent to Kim and the boys. 
May 23 2014

Guess what!?! 
Both quilts have been quilted! 

Mousepin doing the 'Connie Method' pin and switch

Quilted Quilt #2
Quilted Quilt #1

Next, and almost last step, is the binding.
And of course, the last step will be the boxing and shipping!
Stay tuned...we are getting close!

May 29, 2014
Home Stretch!
Before I could start the binding I needed to cut the excess batt and back off
so that the quilt sandwich was even top and bottom.
Quilt 1 getting a trim

Quilt 2 getting a trim
Both tidied up quilts ready for the binding!
But first I had to cut the binding strips
The binding gets machine sewn onto the top of the quilt
And then hand sewn onto the back.
Sew.....er... So... that's where I am right now.
Hand sewing the back side of the quilt binding.
This is the last step before they are sent to Kim, Scotty, and Ryan.

The next update will be photos of the finished quilts before they are sent.

And once again, a HUGE thank you to my quilting mentor Connie, you have been a tremendous help to me. Thank you!
June 2, 2014


The quilts are finished!
I received the box of Scott's T shirts from Kim on February 27th, and today,
Monday June 2nd, the last finishing touches were done.

....and here they are...
Quilt 1
Quilt 2
Cross Hatch quilting pattern that was used on both

Binding on tops and backs

Cleaned, folded, and ready to be boxed up and on their way!
Once again, many thanks to Connie (@Boomiethecat's mom) whom without her fabulous guidance these quilts would not look as good as they do! Thank you Connie!

Keep an eye out for one last post after Kim receives the quilts... :)

Kim, it has been an honor to make these quilts for Scotty and Ryan.
These past 95 days have been a labor of love.
The quilts were stitched with love.

Good friends, like quilts, never lose their warmth....
June 10, 2014

 The last thing to be done was add a label to each quilt.
But I didn't want to post this on the blog until Kim saw it.
So here it is....

Kim recieved the box of quilts yesterday, and here are some pix she took of Scotty and Ryan on the quilts. They are simply precious.

 I love that they are using the sashing and border as 'roads' for their cars!

When Scotty and Ryan sleep under these quilts, they sleep under a blanket of love.



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    Marjorie Harvey, Miranda and Silver

  14. This gave me leaky eyes- what a wonderful and compassionate way to show your love for these boys. These quilts will be cherished by them always for the personal significance of them being made of their Dad's shirts, but aside from the story behind them the quilts rock! I would totally buy one as a gift for my brother or any other male figure close to me.
    My cat Phoebe and I are friends with @BlindKittyEve, her sister Sugar and their Mom on Facebook. I sadly lost Phoebe in January to a rare auto immune disease she had most of her life, and her sister to the same disease almost 2 yrs ago. We have heard about Pixie before and hope she is well. I see you live in Bend- we live in Eugene! My mancat Kaspars and black lab mix Sophie are my only fur kids at the moment, but keep me busy none the less! OR Fur Kids Rock!
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