Saturday, December 7, 2013


We had a party to celebrate a some momentous events!
Jim's 60th birthday, our first year in Bend, and meeting some Twitter friends.
We had a really good time and so glad these folks braved the snow and treacherous roads on our snowy butte to come.

Here are some pix of the evening...

Not exactly chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but roasting just the same...

Getting the Bouquet GarnĂ­ ready for the mulled wine

Tortellini, tomatoes, snap peas marinating for the skewers

Getting the table ready

Mulling....and very good!

Jess and Joe

Judy, Sara, Mark, Brittany, Derek and Roger

Jess and TSK - Jess is Dana's brother who came from Sacramento, CA for the party.

Mark, tsk, Roger and baby Levi

Judy, Bill, Joan, and Mark

Judy, Bill, Joan, Mark, Jess, TSK, and Carrita

Sara and Bob

Mark, Jess, and TSK

Joan and baby Levi

Joan, TSK, and Christy (baby Levi's mom)

Bill and Bob

Joan, TSK, Christy, Karen and Carrita with baby Levi

Bill and TSK

Bob and TSK
Bill wrote a birthday song for Jim!

...and sang it for us, it was great!

The Song

Thanks Bill and Joan!

Thank you Mariner!
A wonderful evening was had by all (we hope!)
Looking forward to many more years here. Next party when there is no snow and you can see the fantastic mountain views we have.
Thank you everyone!

Friday, November 29, 2013


We have had an extra special Thanksgiving this year.
Not only are we celebrating our first year in our house (last year on Thanksgiving we were surrounded by moving boxes!) but we were invited to our  wonderful neighbors home for Thanksgiving dinner.  AND we have a special house guest, Scruffy. We are doing some dog-sitting for our other neighbors. Company for the holiday!

Jim in now a true Bendite: puffy jacketed dog walker!

Scruffy and his new toy
What a cute little face!

Scruffy and kitty are good pals!

Chef Judy
Judy demonstrating the Art of homemade mashed potatoes!

Lovely table with great views!

Jim and Roger hanging out

Dinner was sooooo delicious!

PERFECT homemade pumpkin pie

On our early morning walk, with The Sisters in the distance
Thank you Judy and Roger for inviting us into your home to celebrate Thanksgiving. We had a lovely time and a delicious meal.

Stay tuned... next week is Jim's party (combo tweet up/ birthday/first year in Bend/cocktail party.
Will be posting pix of the party. 
Everyone is invited, if you are in the area, come on by!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


 We have had some visitors the last few weeks! 
#MiniBreeze came to visit from @Kittehboi and @EdgardaKitty came to visit, he belongs to @BorisKitty but had been hanging out with @SnotFaceCritter before coming here.
 We even got to hang out with @Kolo_Martin and @CyberCat919 Marley Mandrill @Hi_Im_Monkey and their staff.

Check out the full album for some great photos of our pals!

just a sneak peak at some great pix in the album

Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh Brother, part ll

It's been a whirlwind of a visit which is, sadly, drawing to an end.
We have had a great time with Utley and hope we didn't wear him out schlepping him from vista to view point to lava bed to mountain top and back! 
Here are some photos from this weeks activities.

We walked along the river trail, Deschutes River Canyon area
A lovely sky with the Sisters in the background

The canyon, a river runs through it...

The river looks tiny from way up here.

The guys, on the new First Street Rapids Bridge

On a calmer part of the river.

 We drove over McKenzie Pass, stopping at the Mt Washington view point, to the Dee Wright Observatory

Jim and Utley stand before the lava floes and Mt Washington

Looking thru the observatory's windows

A giant wall of lava
A trip to Benham Falls

and the top of Lava Butte on the way back....
We went to lunch on the top of Mt Bachelor
The view from the chairlift

High elevation photography

The chairlift seems so high up when there is no snow on the ground
Hey! No horseplay on the chair!!
A lovely walk along Todd Lake

Mt Bachelor in the distance
A visit to Sawyer Park

Drake Park
Music and food in the park
We have had a great time with Utley and hope he has enjoyed himself as well. It was fun to be a tourist in our own town too.