Some photos from the last few years of activities

Also watch some videos!

 Ouch!! Jim crashed during the LevisGranFondo in his favorite kit from Italy

 A little trail run

 At the top of one of the 'never-ending' climbs during the Maratona d'les Dolomites

See sidebar for link of Italy photos

 Mountain biking in Tahoe Donner
 Overlooking Donner Lake
 Waffles!!! In Penticton, BC
 riding in Canada
see sidebar for link of road trip to Canada photos
 A very chilly ride up Donner Summit
 Skate skiing at TDXC

 Riding over the Fair Oaks bridge
crosses over the American River
 Riding Mt Rose, Lake Tahoe in the background

 Riding in Penryn visiting A Chance for Bliss

 Back country skiing over Lake Tahoe

 Nordic Skate Ski

 So snowy even the cross-county area was closed...skied anyway.
 Running the Clarksburg 20

The inaugural LevisGranFondo

Don't let this happen to you!

Just finished the Boston Marathon

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