Monday, June 25, 2012


We are here in Moab, a mountain biking mecca.
It's darn hot here!!
But we managed to get out on our bikes and see some sights. 
Jim is on Tout (which he learned about at Blogpaws) and took a couple videos.
(if it asks you to sign in to FB to view and you don't have FB, just click 'no thanks' should direct you back to the video.
We rode part of the Pipe Dream trail today. Very technical and hard.
Here are some photos.
Up on the PipeDream trail, looking down on the town of Moab.
Jim on the trail
Jim showing off his skills on the red rock
The other end of town
Flat #AngelPetie and tsk taking in the view from the motorhome
Tomorrow we are getting up at the crack of dawn and taking a shuttle with our bikes to a popular ride here that starts up at 10,500 feet! Then we ride back home. 
Should be lots of photo ops so check back soon!
OH! and we just heard from some folks that there are movie folks here in the RV park, they are shooting a Disney movie, The Lone Ranger. hmmmm maybe we should ask them if they need some extras? Us... or maybe the flat cats?


  1. Great idea - Flat cats could be the next movie stars. he he Great pictures - very rugged trail. Too rugged for me - I'm wimp!

  2. Gorgeous pics, but I bet it's sooooo HOT! Extras a great idea!

  3. I'd have to go see the movie if you're in it.