Friday, June 22, 2012

Blogpaws !

What a whirlwind of a day! Not only do we get to meet the typists of all our twitter anipals but get to learn things from the speakers and exhibitors.
We have taken so many photos... here are a few.

Plush Cokiethecat and Flat #AngelPetie, Flat Fiona, Dana and Kristin with flat tsk, petie and plush cokie.
Plush Tillman with flat tsk and petie, Norman with tsk and petie, and Tillman!
Flat #Angelpetie with Niqqi / flat angels sebastian and petie / Flat tsk and petie with manny and marcus / Georgetheduck, flats dash, petie, & tsk, plush BlindMaximus, the Hookalopes
BrutustheDane and flat petie / flat tsk and petie with Autumnthedoxie / Flat petie and tsk with Zeus and Phoebe

Pawty Animals!!! (that's MaggieTkats mom behind petie and tsk)

tsk with dessert / George and Petie in the Catification Lounge

Honor Flag Project
Mine of Jonathan / #AngelPetie with flags made by Wanda for petie and Jinjindoggy

The FerretChariot
with tribute to those otrb, sponsers, and Manny, Marcuz and AmyJo

We got to hear from Betsy Saul, the Cofounder of, who gave a great talk! Also got to see the HopeForPaws video by Eldad Hagar with the rescue of Fiona. Very touching!! And how to make your pup a youtube star by the famous MyFavePupJasmine and PaigetheBC

Tomorrow is the final day with lots planned! Hope to post more pix.


  1. I'm having a blast with everyone! Typist wishes she could be here, but I'll take her back lots of hugs from everybody.

  2. WOW - all the Flats are meeting so many of our pals. It's so great to see everyone. he he - I see George is drinking beer again., ha ha

  3. I am SO proud of you all, meeting up like that! Totally awesome and Dash there too - Such a trip there ever was!!

  4. OMG - Dana! You ARE a blogger! MOL~ And you met my Mom! That's so awesome. Love your blog!