Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Middle of Nowhere

We are here in Salt Lake City! Got in yesterday afternoon. Decided since there was nothing really in Nevada we would press on and make our way to SLC. The KOA here was very obliging in letting us come a day early.

Now to catch up.... we left Truckee Sunday morning. All Flats, and cat on board. Our first layover was in Winnemucca, Nevada. There is a mountain bike trail there we wanted to ride. However, on Monday the winds were so bad (and the trail poorly marked thru Open Range cow pastures) it wasn't very pleasant. 
But we did have fun wrangling the cows!
everyone enjoyed their time outdoors
Lovely sunsets here tho...
The plan was to drive to West Wendover, which is on the border of Nevada and Utah, stay there overnight and then head to SLC on Wednesday. But we made good time and got to WW a bit earlier than planned, and not much there... so decided to press on.
There isn't really much when driving across the state of Nevada on I80. It's very much 'The Middle of Nowhere' feel...
but there is some pretty scenery..

Settled in at the KOA, tsk in his KritterKondo
Blogpaws starts tomorrow afternoon, so today we are heading out on our road bikes to try some of the local cycling routes. 
And to answer Mario and Mary's question. we have 4 bikes with us (2 each) so we can do both road riding and mountain biking :-)


  1. Pawsome beautiful pics u gonna has blast at blog paws what a wonderful adventure xox

  2. That makes sense. I knew there had to be a reason, Love TSK in the KK. You are right - Nevada doesn't have much for scenry when you are used to hills and trees. (P,S, shhhh - don't tell les he he)
    Glad you all are having fun.