Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blogpaws OR Bust

Blogpaws or bust! We are packed and ready to leave in the morning!
These guys are so ready to get there and meet all their pals (flat, plush and real).

But first we had to give the RV a bath and put on the new rack extension on. Now we can carry 4 bikes.

Jim does windows!
Looking pretty pro! Road bikes and mountain bikes!
And of course we had a helper!
FlatDash, Flat#AngelPetie, FlatTsk, George, and real tsk.... all ready!
While we were packing the rv, tsk wanted to be in there with us... but then took a nap with George.
Our first stop is Bloody Shins trail in Winnemucca NV. It's on BLM land and we will spend the night there and also do a mountain bike ride. 
Probably won't have any wifi till we get to SLC on Wednesday, but will update here when we can.
Hope you check back in for more fun and excitement


  1. I can't wait to sniff all the flats and George!!

  2. I'm getting so furry excited to see everyone!

    Look how cute TSK cuddles with Georgie. Awwwwwww!

  3. Totally Amazing, I am thrilled for Dash and I won't even BE there grins *

  4. Have a great time....I want to see my pals and everything in pictures :) Wish I was there.....

  5. What a crew you are taking with you. Question for you - why 4 bikes and there are two of you? Different kinds of bikes maybe??? just curious.