Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arches Nat'l Park

Our last day here in Moab, couldn't leave without going into Arches. So off we went on our road bikes. Left in the morning, had a hint of coolness in the air, cloud cover with a nice breeze. We where hoping it would stay with us all day. 
There is a bike trail system here that goes from Moab to the park entrance and beyond. It crosses the Colorado River on the Colorado River Pedestrian Bridge (needs a better name! )
Here are some photos from our day.
The Colorado River
River thru the bridge
Jim riding over the bridge
Lots of cute little lizards here
First look into the park
The Long and Winding Road
Jim riding that long and winding road...
Park Avenue
Courthouse Towers
Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, Tower of Babel
The Organ
Balanced Rock
Delicate Arch (sadly we couldn't get closer, bike shoes not the best for climbing slick rock)
Salt Valley
Jim at one of the many vista points
They say there are BigHorn Sheep here... this was the only one we could find....  
And always the best to come back to this sweet boy!
So those clouds and cool breeze I was talking about earlier...? Didn't last. The clouds parted enough for the strong sun to bear down on us, and that nice breeze turned into gale force winds.
A special thanks to the two women who gave us water to top off our waterbottles!

Tomorrow morning we leave here and head towards home. Will take us a couple days to get there. Not sure what fun exciting things we'll see but if we see them, so will you here :-)


  1. Such beautiful beautiful pictures! It looks like you guys had so much fun.

  2. WOW - your pictures are beautiful. I love TSK's collar. Can I ask where you found one like that? You can just DM me or email.

  3. Monica, Shiva and Jaya's momJune 28, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    It's really nice to see some of your travels. Doing all that by bike is a huge accomplishment. I am sure TSK will be excited to see you again. Of course he loves his kitty sitter, I'm sure, but there is nothing like their own humans, at least, if they don't cheat on you with other kitties like I do LOL.

    I hope you will enjoy the TdF. I am looking forward to watching it as well, but tonight we are all watching the semi finals between Germany and Italy (football). Italy is winning!

  4. Jim, Dana, been busy moving out of Sayulita and into pv. Now I too am pretty much settled. Your house looks very special and resonably new? Look forward to visiting. Veronica and I are going to San Miguel Allende for Christmas and back for New Years. Happy Birthday Jim. I have to select a profile to send this. I don't know which to use. I don't want it circling the world for everyone to I will choose anonymous, you'll know where it came from :-))