Sunday, June 24, 2012

A farewell to Blogpaws...

Blogpaws is over.... we had a great time meeting all the anipals typists, and chatting with some mew friends. We learned alot, we laughed, we cried.
Here are pix from the last day...
Dana, Jasmine, CJ / Dana and Niqqi / Dana and Pepperpom
Flat #AngelPetie and plush CathyKeisha / Seabasscat mom Amy and dana / Pumpkinpuddy enjoying the outdoors

AmyJo with Manny and Marcuz / Niqqi all dressed up
CheshireK's Robin w/niqqi, BigBoyBosco's Lisa, Niqqi's Dana, Me dana, Myfavpupjasmine and CJ /Lisa, Dana, CJ /
Flat DashKitten on the red carpet

On the Red Carpet! IndyKitty's mom, AngelPetie, Flat tsk

On the Red Carpet! Pupkinpuddy and Mom, Flat NutmegTorbie and CheshireK and Mom
The Honor Flag Project, so lovingly done by Blogpaws atendees, and Michele- PepiSmartDog's mum on video telling us of the wonderful things that happen at the Rainbow Bridge.
We had a great time at Blogpaws, and it was so cool to meet the typists behind the anipals we tweet with! 
And now we have made our way to Moab. It's hot here....
so this was our first stop after we got set up at camp ground..
What?? It was hot, and we were thirsty! 
We will be doing some riding here, so check back for more pix!

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  1. I have a dream now - BlogPaws - one day BLOGPAWS! It is so lovely to see so many faces, the the ferrets, and Dash and sweet Pumpkinpuddy and Tsk and...... Thank you for the pictures.