Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aye Carumba!

Today we did the mountain bike trail known as the Whole Enchilada. It incorporates a few trails into one long trail. It was hard, steep, specatcular scenery, rocky, hard, did I mention hard?
It took us 6+ hours from the time we were dropped off till we go back to the RV. Of course, we also burned 3600 calories in that time too! 
Here are some photos of the day, enjoy!
Bikes on top of the old Westy ready to go!
wasn't long before we were climbing...er, pushing our bikes up the steep bits.
cows in the mist..
Our vista on this part of the ride, still in the forest
Warner Lake
Along the lake
Jim crossing a bridge
Our lunch break view
Rock formations (monuments) in the distance
EEEK! don't get so close to the edge!
There are tons of monuments here
The road back to the RV and ......
..this sweet boy!
All in all it was a good day on the bike, tho hard, we got to see some spectacular scenery.
And because the name of the trail is The Whole Enchilada it made us hungry for Mexican food. Margaritas, chips, quacamole, the whole enchilada!

Tomorrow we are thinking of doing a road ride. Stay tuned....
and then we will head back towards home. Looks like CO is still on fire (hope all are safe) so we might go there another time.

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