Friday, December 9, 2011

On the road again...

A couple weeks ago we found out that some friends of ours were going to be coming through Nevada on their way from Illinois to Palm Springs CA. @PierrethePoodle and his family
Another friend, who lives in Las Vegas was going to meet them in Laughlin, Nevada. @LBonser and his doggie @OdyMaltese
So we thought this would be a good opportunity to do another RV trip.
We wanted to try a Class A RV this time.
So we rented a 26' Winnebago Vista, the smallest Class A they make.
We packed up the cat and the bikes, and left from Reno on Wednesday.
Drove down 95 to Tonopah, NV as our first leg.

Much of the scenery looked like this
Jim driving the 'rig' looking pretty pro!

Our rental rig, 2009 Winnebago Vista

Kitty is such a good navigator, loves the big dash.
Our first stop was Tonopah, Nevada.

Back on the open road, next stop las Vegas

Due to very spotty wifi we are having trouble updating the blog... but stay tuned, we will post more pix when we can.
Have lots more to share with you!


  1. tsk is such an excellent navigator! *blush blush blush*

  2. tsk such a good little traveller! Hee hee glad you has a good time. what beautiful scenary! xo

  3. I can't wait till tomorrow! I want to go to sleep now so morning will come faster, but I'm too EXCITED!

  4. Awww TSK is right at home. The neat thing about an RV is that he can move around and get comfortable without having to be in a box!!! Jim looks right at home behind the wheel. I think you should consider buying one. I'm so envious of your trip and wish I were meeting all of you.