Sunday, November 20, 2011

Of Snow and Crocs

Woke up this morning to snow... which is ok, but the weather forecaster dude on the tv said nothing about snow last night. It's lovely nonetheless.
Here are a couple short videos taken from different windows.

While we were deciding what snow activity we should do today, tsk amused us with his morning activity 'Bite the Shoe'. He bites the heels of our running shoes (I'm sure it makes us faster!) and these old orange Crocs.
And a short video of tsk in action.

So after all that excitement we decided to head out. There wasn't quite enough snow to ski so we got the snow shoes out and took a walk about our neighborhood. Here are some photos from our outing.
Mr & Mrs Goober, bundled up.
running, and kicking up the snow
snowy creek
hippity hoppity! many critter tracks in the snow
a snowy vista
Dana in the snow
another vista
The aspen grove, sans the golden leaves
Another nice day in the mountains, and the best part was our kitty greeting us at the door.


  1. Oh how gorgeous! Beautiful pictures too. Have you ever considered a free Flickr account? You should show those off there.
    Xxoo Admiral and her mom

  2. How beautiful and fun! BearHUGs!
    Love always,

  3. It's funny how TSK looks at you with no sense of being naughty and thinks it's great that you're watching him chew your shoes.

  4. Those are great pictures Dana. Admiral is right - you should show them off in Flickr. Silly TSK - he must like the taste he gets off the running shoes and Crocks. Who knows what makes a cat "tick." If you ever figure it out, you'll make a bundle of $$. We just love them for their silliness.

  5. love the snow cams, it's so beautiful dana !
    lol I hav a pr of purple croc just like yours !!!!