Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Highway 395 to home..

We spent a very chilly night at Topaz Lake after a long but lovey drive up highway 395.
We thought about spending another night there but after the hose froze (connecting the RV site water to the RV) overnight and then broke we thought it best to just get back home.
Continuing down 395 through the Carson Valley was lovely as well.

Topaz Lake

Topaz Lake
tsk snoozing on the dash
Carson Valley
Bikes back on the car... ready to head home.

We had a really good time on this trip. We like the Class A RV better than the Class C. But next time we do this it will be in warm weather. The recurring theme of this trip was 'Closed for the Season'. There wasn't much snow on the ground anywhere but it was cold, and freezing overnight. 
We had a lovely time meeting our friends Les, Ody, Cindy, Bruce, Pierre, And Laci.

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  1. Purrrrrrr... great fotos, Dana. Thanks fur sharing wif us.

  2. So glad you got to make that trip. Too bad the frozen hoses had to put a "damper" on things. he he My favorite picture is the one of TSK sleeping. What a guy!