Sunday, December 11, 2011

Through the Valley of Death...

.... We shall fear no evil. Though there do seem to be many things named for the devil in these parts.
Drove from Laughlin NV to Panamint CA today. Pretty much across Death Valley.

Stopped at Furnace Creek, quite the landscape there!

After driving 250 miles, and 7 hours later (with a stop for gas and groceries) a well deserved beer at the Panamint Springs Cafe was in order. They claim to have 170 kinds, tho we only tried one each.

Jim is trying his luck with the wifi on his iPad in the above photo. Very spotty here. So I am posting this via email on the iPhone. Hoping for better wifi up the road.
More later....


  1. Wow, now I understand why it's called death valley. It's no man's land for sure.

  2. OMD what a gorgeous picture! Makes us look forward to March, when M & D go again.