Monday, December 12, 2011

Lumbering thru the lakes

Today we left Death Valley behind. After breakfast at the Panamint Springs Cafe (no beer) we broke camp and headed towards Hwy 395. Heading towards a list of RV parks that we would stop at depending on our arrival time. Want to be there before dark.
So on our travels out of the park, and up 395 we saw quite a number of lakes, with varying water levels.

Owens Lake, a dry lake bed
Crowley Lake
June Lake
Ice falls near June Lake (ok, not a lake but still water!)
Grant Lake

Mono Lake, with the tufas visible.
Topaz Lake
We are spending the night at Topaz Lake. It is the only other lake (beside lake Tahoe) that is in both California and Nevada. It is very cold here, darn. Was hoping for a mountain bike ride tomorrow. But we'll see what the weather brings..... till then...


  1. Wow!Pics looks like postcards! HAve a wonderful time ! Stay warm!BearHUGs!
    Love always,

  2. Pawsome that is gorgeous! Xxoxoxo