Friday, December 9, 2011

Part ll....

ahhhhh... the joy of wifi. Or not.
Here at the Riverside Casino RV Park, wifi isn't free. You have to pay for it, but they tell you that even if you pay for it there is no guarantee that you will have any connection where you are. 
Geez.... well, we can get on it on the MacBook, but not on the iPads.
And even then, on the Macbook, it's very slow. Took 30 minutes to upload one photo.
Anyway.... where was I in our journey....ah yes, on our way to Las Vegas to meet Les.
Dana and Les

Laughlin, NV and BullHead City AZ
Kitty waiting for Jim to check in....
Multi-tiered RV park
Laughlin Strip
Now, for today. Woke up to gale force winds, so strong that it was shaking the RV! Not the best conditions for a bike ride, but we brought them with us and needed some exercise so off we went. Our final destination was the Big Bend Colorado River state park. 

Came across an Off Road Race course
The Colorado River

The Windy Winding road....

Tomorrow we will be meeting Les and Ody (they will be driving from LV) and Cindy and Bruce, with their dogs Pierre and Laci (who came from New Mexico today). We are really looking forward to it and hope to post lots of pix!
Stay tuned!


  1. oooh what fun your trip sounds like- have fun tomorrow cant wait for pics

  2. Sownds fun! We noes wifi can be a pain when travelling. Thanks fur sharing fotos. purrrrrr...

  3. Great pictures. Love TSK looking out the window for JIm. Is he a daddy's boy too? Mario sure is. Love that picture of you and Les together.