Saturday, December 10, 2011

A meeting of the anipals

Today in Laughlin we met up with Pierre and Laci (with their mom and dad, Cindy and Bruce) and Ody and his dad Les. Ody and Les came to meet TSK first here at the RV. Ody had never met a kitty before but both did great, and had 'nose taps' even!
Then we went to see the rest of the gang at their hotel. All of the doggies met for the first time and had a good time sniffing and getting to know each other. The humans went out to get a bite and left the dogs to have a pawty in the room.
Pix from the tweet up: Anipal Tweet Up
Cindy's pix here

It was really great meeting everyone!

Dana with Petie, Bruce with Laci, Cindy with Pierre, Les with Ody
Later in the afternoon Jim and I walked along the Colorado River Walk.
Jim at the Colorado, Bullhead City, Arizona across the river

Tomorrow we pull up stakes and head back towards home. We are taking a different route, this time going through Death Valley. If there is wifi, we will update you on our whereabouts.
Until then.....


  1. I had such a great time! I think Dad did too!

  2. Oh those are great pictures. It was so nice you could all meet. It's so cute cuz Ody, Lacy, and Pierre are all about the same size too - and poodles. Of course TSK did well - he's a super good kitty.

  3. Lovely you could meet. What a nice post!