Monday, June 23, 2014

There's no place like home...

....home, sweet home.
No matter how much fun you have while  traveling it's always good to come home.
No matter if you have been trekking in Nepal, cycling in Italy, climbing the Eiffel Tower,
or just a few hours away in the motor home.
Always good to come back home....

So after a fun week away it was time to head back to Bend

morning cuddles before hitting the road

TSK helping Jim navigate the roads

...getting sleepy....

...zzzzzz .....
Are we there yet???
Well, our week in the motorhome was fun! TSK showed Daffy the ropes of RV living and they both did great. 
We saw some new parts of Oregon that we hadn't seen before, had some good bike rides, and saw some very pretty scenery.
Maybe we will head out on another trip this summer but for now we'll enjoy our fulltime vacation in Bend!


  1. Oh pawsome so glad you had a good time xoxo I love the pics

  2. I love Tsk on the top of the seat behind Jim. That cat is comfy anywhere :) Isn't Daffy the greatest dog for RVing So happy she's fitting in well with travel and biking. - Nancy and Bea

  3. It's so much fun to follow along with your adventures. We love it! Looking forward to "coming along" on more Meandering Moodys! YAY!

  4. You couldn't have a better back seat driver, Jim. Thanks for including all of us on your journeys. Love every picture you post. looks like TSK has really taken Daffy under his wing. I meant paw!