Friday, June 20, 2014

North Fork

After checking on the web and a local bike shop (who sold bikes and guitars) we found THE ride to do while here in Florence
The North Fork Ride, conveniently on North Fork Rd, which is only about a mile from the RV park.
So after giving the kids tons of cuddles off we went...

Amazing how the scenery changes in just a mile or so....
From coastal to farm land, green pastures, and wild flowers.

Perfect cycling roads: Little traveled, picturesque, with enough climbing to get a good workout.

One of the hairpin turns on the switchbacks at the top

Somehow here at sea level we manged to have a ride that gained 2200' in elevation.
It was a really good ride, but the best part was coming back to these two!

And dinner.... pizza and wine! (from a winery/vineyard in our old neighborhood that we have ridden by many many times)

We take up stakes today and head up the coast to Newport.
Stay tuned for more fun and adventures from the Meandering Moodys
Jim, Dana, TSK, and Daffy


  1. Oh pawsome all those pics are beautiful what a wonderful trip you, Mr, P, tsk and Daffy has xoxo

  2. What is yous wearing around necks? It looking very regal!

  3. Gorgeous countryside. Love those old barns too. When you said the best part was coming back to TSK & Daffy, they felt the exact same way.
    June (noahzbark)

  4. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing the photos! {{hugs}} for all of you! Daffy & Tsk look like they're enjoying the trip!