Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SUP'in Daffy

Today we took Daffy to Hosmer Lake in the Cascades for her first ride on a stand up paddle board. This was a big ask for our little girl from Kansas. We don't know if she has ever been near a body of water bigger than a bathtub. She fell in a couple of times but her tail kept wagging through it all.

Treats are always a good way to start a new adventure.

The first float. So far so good.

The life vest with a handle came in handy.

Beautiful setting with Mt. Bachelor in the background.

After Daffy took a dunk.

This is a perfect board riding position. Didn't last long.

Wait! Come back!
Part of the 'falling in' is that Daffy likes us to stay together. If she was on Dana's board she wanted to go to Jim's board... jumping in the water.... and visa versa... Reminds us of a certain kitty and wanting in and out from the deck.

A day out on the water makes you dog tired!

All in all she did great for her first time in the water.


  1. Wow! Just loved reading this and looking at the pics. It looks like she was having a blast! You guys rock! HUGS HUGS & LOVE

  2. Oh the places you will go! Perfect title for Daffy's new adventures. Does she have/use a fraidy closet in her new home?

  3. You should write a book about Daffy and her adventures..

  4. Looks like she enjoyed her water adventure.

  5. Way to go Daffy!!! Sounds like an awesome first time! Btw, my board looks just like your blue one.


  6. I like Sooze's comment above. That would be a great book, starting out with her travels from Kansas to your area, and all she is doing now. She's like a reborn dog! All these adventures.

  7. Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing Daffy's adventures and introducing her to so many fun adventures! This really would be a terrific book!

  8. This is the best. We love it! Much love from Otis and Patti