Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Day by The Bay!

Today we went on a sightseeing bike ride.
First to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, active for a few years in the early 1800s
The other side of Yaquina Bay Bridge
Historic Toledo Port
View back towards the bay, at top of climb
Jim's dock selfie
The teaming metropolis that is Toledo has a Paper Mill
It was a nice ride, again very scenic. 
An out and back with the on-shore breeze in our faces on the way back. 

But coming home to these two.... priceless

Now off for walkies and to find some dinner.
Stay tuned for more meanderings.....

1 comment:

  1. Am enjoying each one of the pictures you've posted Lots of scenic beauty in that area. But...the pictures of Daffy & TSK are extra-special.