Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pages from Daffy's Diary

Daffy had her 3rd agility class, and went on some bigger obstacles!
She did great on the A-Frame and the Teeter!

She has 2 more classes to go, and we think she is enjoying herself!

TSK and Daffy have been getting more and more comfortable with each other.
Here are a couple of photos of them playing...and such.

Ingrid had bought a life jacket for Daffy in case of flooding near her house (If she had to evacuate with her in bad weather). Thankfully she never had to use it....
We are going to see how Daffy feels about water. We really have no idea, and will take it slow.
We would like to get her out on the water on a paddleboard. That might be a lot to ask of a girl from Kansas! We did some dry land training and she did great in the
 the garage!! :)

Stay tuned for more Daffy Adventures!


  1. We continue to be amazed at how much fun Daffy seems to be having in her new life!
    So heartwarming! I can hardly wait to see her paddle boarding in the water! Yikes!

  2. I also continue to be amazed as to how well Daffy is doing. Ingrid always said she was very smart. You are doing an amazing job with her, and I'm sure she loves every minute of her life now. So cute to see Daffy and TSK playing. Ingrid must be smiling for joy!

  3. Oh pawsome. Paws to heart xoxo

  4. Daffy LOOKS like she's having fun on the obstacle course. She's a natural on the paddleboard (in the garage) hehe. She'll be quite the little athlete after she's mastered all these new sporting activities. Pictures of Daffy & TSK playing are the best. BIG SMILES! June(noahzbark)

  5. I love the photos of Daffy and Tsk playing, especially where Daffy is on her back lol