Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Oregon, not Italy....
This Florence has the Siuslaw River, the Italian one has the Arno....but that is where the similarities end...
One we decided where we were going we had to get the motorhome to the house so we could pack it and plug it in. Which meant backing it up our long steep driveway. -easier to back up then back down.

And there it is! Bravo Jim!

Daffy checking out the view from the dash as we pack.
TSK flopping on the dash...he is experienced at RV travel.

And we are on the road!!

Checking out the rest stop signage

Daffy making a note so she can help Jim with navigating...

Siuslaw River

In Florence on the boardwalk near Old Town

Siuslaw River Bridge

Boats in port.

Sitting along the river waiting on some clam chowder...
Today we are going for a bike ride, some dog walks, some sightseeing and dinner at the best restaurant in town according to Yelp and some random lady we talked to.
Stay tuned.... will post more pix (if the slow wifi will cooperate...)


  1. Looks like Daffy is going to be a good traveler too. I love to see TSK and Daffy together. They look like they've been friends for a couple of years instead of only a few short months. Good job Daya and Jim. You guys ROCK!

  2. Oh what fun! The best family and family vaca ever!

  3. I love the way that Daffy turn tolook at the same time.

  4. Ingrid is smiling down on the wonderpurr life her beloved Daffy now has with the Moody family. She looks happy!