Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Made it!

Carmel Valley, it's lovely. The drive from Sacramento here was good. We both drove the RV to get a feel for it. Not bad, though bigger than anything we have ever driven before. Not the most scenic of drives but for the first time out driving better to be on a big freeway than a windy small mountain road.

Loaded up and ready to go! Looks pretty pro with the bikes! Hmmm.... maybe we can follow 'Le Tour' next year...

Kitty did fantastic! He is such a little trouper! Wandering around scoping things out. He really liked being on the upper bunk looking down on things.

We are all set up, the KritterKondo is out, and tsk hanging out in it. We are plugged into all our hook ups. And we are actually going to try and cook dinner.
So until next time, we bid you adieu from the Sunseeker and Carmel Valley. Hope to be able to update the blog with photos and meanderings as we go.


  1. YAY - I knew TSK was going to love it. He has room to roam around without being in a cage. Even you two oomans can be more comfortable. My crystal ball sees one of these things in your future - your very own.

  2. OMC Tsk love it, everything is kitteh size i see you has one of these too in your future one of your very own, home on wheels pawsome xoxoxo!