Saturday, September 17, 2011

A walk and a ride in the park

Spent this morning exploring our local trail system after getting myself lost yesterday. Turns out I was in the right place and just didn't know it. We are fortunate to have access to the outdoors right outside our doors, as it were. The sharp eyed will note that I am dressed entirely in clothing from Patagonia. A side effect of having the Reno Patagonia outlet nearby as well.

In the afternoon we took our Mountain Bikes out on the high trails overlooking the Euer Valley, a working cattle ranch in the Summer and a Cross Country ski area in the Winter. Most of the cattle have departed for warmer climes. Makes me wonder how much smarter they are...given the harsh Winter we had last year.

My favorite part of the trail system is through this grove of aspens. They will be turning beautiful Fall colors soon. You'll see those photos here soon...


  1. you are so blessed to live in that area (escept for the winter). Will look forward to your pictures. This is a great way to do it too.

  2. diamondbertie's ghost writer enjoyed the blog and pictures, thank you for sharing

  3. Ourwoofselves and Mum and Meezer doo luv your new bloggie! Howl bout celebratin its launch with some fine wine. ... OK. Listen fur sound of wine bottle hittin puter. ... ... Paw voilĂ ! You are now meanderin with nice fountain of wine runnin down side of puter. (*-*)