Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last day...

What a surprise! It's foggy this morning....
Open up the blinds to the RV to check the weather and I see a passing parade of wild turkeys. gobble gobble.
We had a lovely time with Veronica and Utley last night for dinner.
Utley and Veronica
Today we are going for a run, making sure we stop and say hello to the cute piggies. And then later today Veronica is having a little party which she has kindly invited us to. Veronica and Utley both split their time between California and Mexico. They are both making preparations to head south soon. And we are heading for home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, tsk is playing peek-a-boo from the top bunk!
We will post photos later from the shindig... ciao for now...


  1. So happy you had the opportunity to spend so much time with Utley and Veronica, and have had such a wonderful trip (fog and all). That is an adorable picture of TSK.