Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A gift from afar...

When we got home today there was a package in the mail; home made jam from our friends at the Hotel Gran Ander in Alta Badia Italy.
We stayed there on our trip to Italy (see link on side bar for photos)
This looks really good and we can't wait to try it with our breakfast.
The lid has a picture of the hotel, and it looks just like it!

This jar of Jam had quite an adventure reaching us. Here is the story of the jam's travels....
While using Twitter to research the Alta Badia area online, we struck up a friendship with @PatitucciPhoto , @Dolomitesport @IgorTavella (More about the power of Twitter here). As it turns out, PatitucciPhoto was from our area in California. We were going to Italy to ride in the Maratona d'les Dolomite and Igor's Hotel, The Hotel Ustaria Posta was full. He suggested we contact @HotelGranAnder. We did, and stayed there and loved it!
While there we met and hung out and cycled with PatitucciPhoto. He and his wife are the sweetest couple, and live a great life there in Italy. We had a wonderful time and want to go back soon.  (More about  this and some photos by PatitucciPhoto here)
Fast forward to a few months ago....Another twitter pal @TheGearcaster was going to be in the Dolomites, we suggested Hotel Gran Ander for her and her husband. They had a great time, even went cycling with PatitucciPhoto! Since Andrea knew of the connection, he sent his homemade jam with TheGearcaster to mail to us when she got home to California.
However, due to airline security, the jam went with her husband, who was making a stop in Finland first. But it made it back to California safe and sound, and now it's here with us!
Thank you to everyone who helped to get it here, we will 'toast' you all when we eat it!

Jim wrote a review of the Hotel Gran Ander. Read it here

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  1. Wow, that jar of jam has a real history. How very nice of the hotel people to send it to you., Enjoy - it certainly looks good.