Saturday, September 24, 2011

A gloomy ride

Another foggy day here in Carmel Valley, thought we would go for a bike ride heading away from the fog. Is that possible?
But first we took tsk for a walk..... Such a good boy on his leash, and posed so prettily!

Our first stop on the ride was to see a family of piggies.They have a pen right by the side of the road with a sign that says "Yes! Feed Us!" They are pretty fat so it must be working for them... 
We headed up, up, up, Robinson Canyon Road..18% in some places.. the vistas would have been spectacular if not for the fog. But still a lovely ride. Very green mixed forest.

A windy country road that was very picturesque

Sadly, when we reached the road we were going to turn on to return, it had a gate and many No Trespassing (this means you!) signs. Google maps said nothing about a private road (danged rich people). Alas, thwarted again! But the sun popped out momentarily before we turned around and headed back in to the fog and cold. 

The view back towards home and tsk. A chilly ride back but a good ride all in all. Now for snuggle time with tsk. Later tonight we will see Utley (Jim's brother) and Veronica for some Thai food.


  1. Glad you had a nice walk with TSK and a nice ride! hope you have great thai food tonight! xoxox

  2. oh so pretty even if foggy. TSK so photogenic, such cute photos. Hope you have nice dinner

  3. Great pictures. I'd like to know your secret for being able to walk TSK so well on a leash. He certainly is a sweet heart of a cat.