Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting the locals tour...

awoke to find the clearest,warmest day yet. After a leisurely breakfast we notice that the neighboring RV has a sprung a massive leak in their water hose and flooded out tsk's KritterKondo and mat and surrounding area. Good thing it was a sunny morning and we were able to move the kondo into the sun to dry. Once dry tsk took possession once again....

After that was resolved we went for a quick run past some local pigs (photos soon) and then it was time for Jim to brave the daunting task of dumping the tanks in the RV for the first time.  All went well! We were happy to say whew! instead of peeyoo!

Our friend Veronica, who splits her time between Carmel Valley and  Mexico, picked us up and showed us around Carmel-by-the-sea and Carmel Valley Village.
We stopped in the Weston Gallery.

 Then had a lovely drive along the coast, sadly it was socked in again....

In Carmel Valley Village there was some wine tasting.... and some wine buying. Talbott Pinot Noir, Sleepy Hollow Vineyard

A stroll along the Carmel River, before heading up the mountain to Veronica's home

Thank you Veronica for a lovely time, and a lovely dinner! xo


  1. Glad Tsk kritterkondo able to dry out and he can sit in once again! Lovely pics and lovely visit you had with your friend Veronica some nice wine too! xo

  2. Those are some great pictures. I sure do like you blog and it works great for seeing all of your pictures and hearing all about your adverntures on your various trips.