Friday, November 18, 2011

Baking on a Stormy Winter's Day

A short time ago I was chatting with my friend on twitter...not sure how the conversation came around to it, but I had mentioned that I was 'yeast challenged' when it came to baking. And I do love to bake but when perusing recipes if it calls for yeast it gets tossed out. So my friend sent a link to a recipe of theirs which sounded really good. 
I gathered up all my courage and thought today with it's howling winds and blowing snow was a good day to attempt to 'conquer the yeast'. Of course, with the added difficulties of baking in high altitude.
There are many good recipes there so I hope you take a look.

Ok, here we go......
Ingredients have been gathered 
Sweet potatoes peeled, cubed, steamed... ready for mashing.
Ready to add ingredients together
Jim helping out with the kneading. It's hard work for sure!
Ready for the first proofing
Holy Cow! It worked! It doubled in size!
Dough rolled out, filling added to top
Rolled up and sliced
Ready for second proofing!
After second proofing, has risen more! ready for baking!
Hot out of the oven! Smells so good, now for some icing.
Iced with some chopped almonds on top.
A warm piece of Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll..... Bon Appetit
So all in all I would say that this recipe was a success! In the difficult conditions of high altitude with yeast it turned out really well. You can taste the spices and the orange and it's not an overwhelming sweet kind of roll either. I'd make it again!
Since it is just the two of us we cut it in half and wrapped it up. Jim bundled up and in the howling blowing storm ran it over to our neighbors the Sherpas. Hope they like it as much as we do.
Thanks @yassysgdk for sharing your recipe!


  1. wow those look really good- mama loves to bake on stormy days too yaay for yeast working- love Petie

  2. pawsome!! OMC thats is so exciting and looks so nommy love pawsome xoxox

  3. OMC! I am so proud of you! The Girl is under orders to make those for us. *katiekisses*

  4. WOW - those look very good. I've been yeast challenged all my life - I doubt there is any hope now. But, i'd love to sample it.

  5. Looks like everything worked out good.I am glad to know you have enjoyed them:)I hope your neighbor would enjoy them as well.